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druids: minty fresh healers

Post by lillix » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:59 pm

i thought i'd put a little something together about druid healing, specifically in raids. i'm going to break this down into 3 sections: one for non-resto druids, one for resto druids and the last will be for misc. items. also, i'm assuming that resto druids have both swiftmend and nature's swiftness. there's a previous thread on druid healing, and i might be repeating some of the things mentioned, but just bear with me. (get it? bear? sigh... ok that's lame. :( )

1. balance or feral spec'd? don't worry! you still can heal if you need to.

if you don't have talents invested in rejuvenation or you don't have as much +heal gear, you won't be able to overwrite another druid's rejuv. no big deal, just do raid healing and cast rejuv on anyone you can, especially squishies, rogues and hunters. i find that they are often neglected because the other healers will have their hands full keeping the tanks alive. raid healing with rejuv will come in handy, and i'll explain why in the resto druid section. hint: swiftmend.

if you need to heal someone and you don't have time for a healing touch, then reg is the spell for you. this isn't really mana-efficient, so cast it
intelligiently. if it's a short fight and you have sufficient mana, feel free to
cast reg. you definitely want to cut down on regs during longer fights, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cast it at all. the shorter cast time compared to healing touch means you might be able to keep your target alive till other healers can land their godlikepwnage heals. don't forget that reg has a HoT effect after it lands. rej + reg = 2 HoTs! you can go anywhere from 400 to 600+ per second depending on your gear, and that's pretty decent.

healing touch (HT)
mana efficient, but it has the longest cast time out of all your healing spells. as you get the hang of raid healing, you'll find yourself using this spell more and more. work around the long cast time by anticipating who's going to get hit next. a little trick would be to watch the MT target windows to see who the boss has in his sights. cut down on overheal and mana wastage by using lower ranked HTs. i personally have HT ranks 6-10 on my hotbar.

2. resto druids

everything above applies, but resto druids have two very important spells available to them.

pop a rejuv on anyone and everyone on your emergency monitor. if someone unexpectedly takes a major nuke and is in trouble, cross your fingers and hope your target still has rejuv or reg(HoT) on. if he/she does, consume it with swiftmend straight away, else cast rejuv and follow immediately with swiftmend. that should keep your target alive till the other healers' spells land. this is a really powerful spell in the sense that it's an instant heal on a 15 second cooldown, and it heals for a pretty decent value, depending on how long more the HoT is valid for.

nature's swiftness
in my opinion the most important spell in the resto tree. this is the definitive emergency heal: an instant cast heal of ~3.5k when nature's swiftness is used in conjunction with HT rank 10. there's a 3 minute cooldown, so use it wisely. i will only ever use it on a few key people. top of the list are tanks, followed by fight-specific VIPs (like mages for aoe or locks for banishing). if these key players are on the brink of death and the next heal is a mile away, nature's swiftness will save your target, and thus the majority (if not all) of the raid as well.

3. misc

get thee thy healing addons! they'll help you choose who to heal and when to continue or cancel a heal. an emergency monitor is a must, as is decursive. addons that tell you whose heal will land first are great because you can avoid overhealing (and wasting mana).

i personally use decursive, healsync and healers assist.

+heal, spirit or intellect? you should ideally go for all 3. if you can't, then just focus on intellect and spirit. more intellect means a larger mana pool (and thus more heals before you go oom). intellect also increases spell crit chance, giving your heals more bang for the buck. whether to focus on spirit or not depends on your style of healing. theoretically, more spirit means a faster mana regen (thus delaying oom). but if you keep casting spells, you'll never go into the regenerative state brought about by not casting for 5 seconds, and so spirit is useless to you.

keep your ears open, because sooner or later a raid leader is going to scream for a battle res. always have a mana pot on standby, because if you're oom and someone needs to be res'd RIGHT NOW and you can't do it, you're just lessening the raid's survivability. oom is not a valid reason to delay a battle res. watch out for double rebirths. raid leaders should be clear: ("lillix battle res gnostic"). if your rebirth is on cooldown, say so and some other nice druid will do it for you.

this is a massive (and free) mana pot on a 6 minute cooldown. save it for boss fights, because there's bound to be someone calling out for an innervate. watch out for double innervating, or innervating a warrior or a rogue. double innervating can be avoided by a raid leader being crystal clear ("lillix innervate cheezy"). "innervate cheezy" just won't cut it because any druid with innervate up might cast it on the target. innervating a warrior or rogue... sigh. i've done it myself. it's stupid, but then again, so am i.

also, guard your innervate like a fat kid guards his candy. only innervate people that deserve it. if you're throwing your mana away just because you want to be on top of the dps/heal charts, then you can go kiss kat's furry bear ass and hope she innervates you, because i definitely won't. :P

lillix and innervate: as far as possible i will keep my innervate for myself. i will innervate any priest who is a better healer than i, but only after all other innervates are used up.

bring sufficient reagents, sufficient meaning 2 stacks or more. your friendly resto druids will most probably have points invested in MotW, so if you would like them to buff your group in your stead just ask. of course, passing them some reagents wouldn't hurt. :D

well, that's all i can think of at the moment. i'll add to this post if i find something else that needs mentioning.

all input is welcome, whether you be resto, non-resto or any other class, for that matter. feel free to point out any mistakes or misconceptions, and if you think i'm a genius you can go ahead and mention that too. :D


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Post by Paur » Fri Nov 10, 2006 3:32 am

Great post Lillix! :)

One important mistake is that Swiftmend actually heals for an amount equal to 12 secs of Rejuvination or 15 secs of Regrowth, regardless of how many ticks are left.

Swiftmend's good for the the quick heal but it's main benefit is mana efficiency. Regrowth first. Before Swiftmend, Regrowth was the most mana inefficient healing spell in our arsenal. Rank 9, 880 mana you get up to a total 2400 heal if the HoT runs all 21 seconds, which is horrible but sometimes a necessary evil (In contrast, HT would have cost less than 650 for that heal amount.) Now with Swiftmend applied it can be much more efficient. If you Swiftmend right before Regrowth 9 fades, you get somewhere around 900 heal for 176 mana, which is a good deal, or at least not as much of a burn. With the HoT effects and other healers it can be tough to get in a Swiftmend at the right time and without overhealing, especially with Regrowth. Regrowth with an immediate Swiftmend is insane mana abuse, but it's saved groups I'm in a number of times and an excellent tool for a big quick heal when you have mana to burn, but be wary.

Rejuvination+Swiftmend is of course mostly the same except it is much more efficient than anything else. Only if you wait for it though- Swiftmend after a tick or two is pretty hard on your mana pool.

My only other comment is that I've been using Innervate a little more liberally these days. I used to horde it like you ;) but came to realize that 6 min cooldown really isn't very long and if I know the instance and know I can spare it for 6 mins I'll throw on a mage, pally, or lock during a tough fight when they're low and let them cut loose for a few. It always goes over well, especially with them mages. :)

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Post by lillix » Fri Nov 10, 2006 12:10 pm

paur, you're absolutely right about swiftmend. i keep forgetting swiftmend consumes for the entire duration of the HoT. thanks for catching that goof up. :)

swiftmend does help increase the mana efficiency, but like you pointed out it only helps if you time it right. i usually don't have time to check when a HoT is going to expire, so i treat swiftmend as an "uh oh" spell of sorts.

one thing i forgot to mention about swiftmend: if you have 2 HoTs on a target, the HoT with the least ticks remaining will be consumed.

innervate mages?! no paur don't do it!!! you're just spoiling them! must... keep... innervate... >.<

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Post by Paur » Fri Nov 10, 2006 2:19 pm

LOL I <3 to spoil mages to try to make up for all the times I can't heal them fast enough. :D

Swiftmend does heal for the entire duration of Rejuvenation, but only 15 seconds of Regrowth.

I made a spreadsheet to calculate the effectiveness and mana efficiency of all the Druid's healing spells. I got it a little messed up at the moment trying to factor variable +heal gear in but will try to remember to post it somewhere when I got it right. It's been one of those months-long works in progress that I never get around to finishing.

Another thing to note is HT rank 4. It casts in 1/2 second less than the ranks higher than it, and with +heal gear it can be pretty effective for spamming under different circumstances. Mana efficiency goes up with rank on all healing spells, but the low cast time and ability to change strategy quicker with HT4 gets this one a hotkey for me and I probably use it most often. Especially after casting HoT and waiting to hit Swiftmend. For example, Rejuv10+HT4+HT4+HT4+Swiftmend on a tank taking heavy damage is easy to time for max efficiency, pretty cheap on mana, and would total heal for around 4000 with good +heal gear. The beauty is you can change strategies mid-stream quicker leading to less overheals. Throwing a heal every 2 seconds makes it much less likely another healer will throw on another before yours lands, as well as the obvious factor of being able to scale back your efforts if a priest casts a Renew or something. This does tend to generate some ill-will from the mobs though so be careful.

Anyways, I could talk Druid all day but I gotta get some work done. :P

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