TBC druids....

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TBC druids....

Post by Palehorse » Fri Nov 24, 2006 11:41 pm

Just wondering what your thoughts are on TBC druids. One poster on another guild forum wrote:
If you cant kill people in PvP as a feral druids that's probably a lack of gear or you just don't know how to play the class.. I PvP as a resto druid because it's the most bennificial. A 30 balance 21 Resto is a good PvP spec, or if you want to focus more on healing 39R/1B/11F gives you feral charge and swiftmend.

PvE wise.. your healing will completely change come BC you'll want to keep 3 stacks of lifebloom aswell as your HOTs on the tanks. As of now just do whatever keeps people alive it's nothing you have to take to a science just don't let people die whatever works best for you.

I suggest you rethink feral come BC, unless you've got a solid arena group that's going to be your best bet at winning.

My spec at 70 will be one of these




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