3.2 ptr patch changes (so far) for druids...

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3.2 ptr patch changes (so far) for druids...

Post#1 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:34 pm

http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnot ... notes.html


•Flight Form: Can now be learned at level 60. Flight speed increased to 150%.
•Innervate: Duration reduced to 10 seconds, and cooldown reduced to 3 minutes. This means each use of Innervate will give half as much mana as before, but it will be available twice as often.
•Lifebloom: The final heal that occurs when this spell blooms has been reduced by 20% on the base and on the spell power coefficient.
•Mangle: Ranks 4 and 5 base points reduced by about 11%. Scaling from attack power unchanged.
•Rake: Ranks 6 and 7 base points on initial and periodic damage reduced by about 7%. Scaling from attack power unchanged.
•Rip: Ranks 8 and 9 base points and points per combo point reduced by about 6%. Scaling from attack power unchanged.
•Savage Defense: The animation for gaining this buff will no longer make the bear stand upright
•Shred: Ranks 8 and 9 base points reduced by about 10%. Scaling from attack power unchanged.
•Swipe (Cat): Percent of weapon damage done reduced from 260% to 250%.
•Travel Form: Can now be learned at level 16.

- Balance
•Balance of Power: Now reduces all spell damage taken by 3/6%, rather than reducing the chance to be hit by spells by 2/4%.
•Eclipse: The Starfire and Wrath buffs from this talent are now on separate 30 second. cooldowns. In addition, it is not possible to have both buffs active simultaneously.
•Owlkin Frenzy: Now also restores 2% base mana every 2 seconds for the duration (10 seconds) in addition to its current effects.
- Restoration
•Empowered Touch: Now also increases the amount of bonus healing effects for Nourish by 10/20%.
•Improved Barkskin: No longer provides dispel resistance to all effects on the druid, but now reduces the chance your Barkskin is dispelled by an additional 35/70%.

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Post#2 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 9:27 pm

I love the Eclipse change. That's a not insignificant Balance dps buff. With the Empowered Touch change, I might rethink my Resto spec, too.

The Balance of Power change is... interesting. By removing the miss chance, Blizz is actually getting rid of one of the benefits of this talent in PvE - the increased chance that some random boss debuff or spell will fail completely. This has saved my life on more than one occasion. On the other hand, with all the hit rating being handed out on gear, the talent was useless in PvP, where it was probably intended to have the most benefit. Now, it'll act as a passive magic damage reduction in all cases, which is a big PvP buff and very very slightly useful in PvE, unless you're Panzerkinning.

Owlkin Frenzy is still a PvP talent, unfortunately - even with the mana regen I can't see that it's all that useful in PvE, although I'm sure the theorycrafting folks will be all over it.

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