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Sitting out

Post by Irreverant » Mon Jan 28, 2008 1:21 pm

Just putting this up here to let the hunters know if i get put into a raid on my hunter and another hunter gets wait listed and needs gear from any of the bosses we are currently downing, feel free to shoot me a whisper and let me know that you want something for a boss that im on and i will be happy to sit.

I will only be sitting until February when the guild leaps into DKP unless they do a waitlist of some sort. If there is a wait list then i would be more than happy to give my spot up to someone who needs it more. The only thing i can see myself needing in the near future on Fervent is tier 5 so i wouldnt be needing Gruul, Mag, VR, Lurker, Hydross..... and i know there are many odds and ends in there for other people. Once Tag respecs to BM he should be more than enough dps to lack for me not coming and if you guys get gear i dont have to try as hard. =P Just a heads up. GL on gear.

I love you guys <3.

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