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Hunter: Specs and Raiding

Post#1 » Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:03 pm

I just wanted to do a quick write up on the four hunter specs and how viable that spec is in raids. There are not quite as interchangeable as a lot of people think.



This spec has no place in a raid. If you want to go this way, so be it, but you are lowering your damage and hurting the buffs you give to the raid. True Shot Aura is the marksman buff, but it does not scale and thus is inferior to the buffs from the other two trees. This is primarily a pvp spec due to its lack of damage, silencing shot and the "always on" feature of the trueshot aura. The other buffs are triggered and/or mob specific which makes them less appealing in pvp. If you think you can do more damage as a MM hunter, please contact me in game and we can explore it further. I know a lot of people like silencing shot, but in a raid setting most things are immune to silencing shot and compared to bestial wrath's damage there is just no question which is better. Can a MM hunter out damage a BM hunter? Oh yea... will that same MM hunter do MORE damage if they would respec BM? Yep.



The generic damage spec. You want to go far enough into the marksmen tree to get moral shots. This will get you the bulk of the damage talents from that tree while still maximizing the BM tree. Don't split points in improved hunters mark - 0 points or 5 points. I am working on a full guide that will go deep into this spec, but that is a common mistake. Serpent Swiftness is the key to this spec. It is like spending 5 talent points for a ton of haste. I forget the exact number, but I am pretty sure it is over 200 haste. Actually... its better than haste b/c haste doesn't effect your pet and the talent does. The BM's buff is from their pet. When your pet crits it increases the damage done by all party members by 3% and it does stack, so having multiple BM hunters is a good thing. 3 in a group means they are all doing 9% more damage as long as their pets are up and engaged in combat.



This is a utility spec. You are a buff with the right gear, you can do a lot of damage. The key to this spec is stacking as much agility as humanly possible. Only ONE survival hunter should be in any raid because their buff does not stack. 25% of their agility is given back as attack power to the whole raid. Because of their high crit chance they can eventually out damage a beastmaster hunter, but this spec is very very gear dependant. You have to ignore all socket bonuses and just stack agility gems. If you have less than 650 agi unbuffed, don't even think about it. Our current SV hunter is well over 1k agil raid buffed.

Oh.. and the 4th spec...

Elvenbane's Über-Hunter spec- ...

This is for Tag only. If you can top the damage meters with this spec, you must be running deadmines with lvl 20s.

Quickly I'll compare the buffs of the classes:

MM - TrueShot Aura, only effects your party and does not scale with gear. This does not stack. Gives attack power and thus is only useful to melee. A brand new lvl 70 will give the same buff that a T6 raider will. Weakest of the three.

BM- Ferocity- When your pet crits an extra 3% damage (spells and melee) buff is given to your party only. This does stack. Since it is a % buff, it scales with your party's gear. 3% damage bonus to a rogue in greens isn't near as much as 3% damage bonus on a T6 rogue. You want a fast pet so this stays up 100% of the time your pet is in combat. Middle of the road.

SV- Expose Weakness- This is actually a debuff placed on a mob, thus the entire raid gets it, not just your party. Everyone attacking the mob with this debuf received attack power equal to 25% of the hunters agility. This, like TSA is an attack power buff so is of no benefit to casters. Because this buff (or debuff if you like) is dependant on the hunter's agility it scales - a new hunter with 400ish agi won't give near the ap a T6 hunter with over 1k agi will. You have to crit a lot for the debuff to stay up, but you should have enough agility that that won't be a problem. Strongest buff.

MM- Dosen't scale. Party only. Melee only. Doesn't stack.

BM- Scales. Party only. Melee and Casters. Stacks.

SV-Gear dependant. Scales. Raid wide. Melee only.

A more comprehensive hunter guide in the works, there just seemed to be some talk between our hunter on respeccing, so I thought I would put a thing up on it.
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Post#2 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:05 pm

For SV to be Viable at the content you have reached you have to have raid buffed over 1k agi, which is possible with all T5 equiv. gear. Stacked with Haste gear to a certain extent, bear with me I haven't been over to EJ's in 2 or 3 months though it's being proven that once you reach T6+ content and aquire some haste gear and some agi heavy gear 7/2?/35 (I think that's right) become's very viable. As you start keep pace with BM hunters in the amount of shots you can get off. Again, been awhile for me though.

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Post#3 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:13 pm

Oh, yes - SV will eventually overtake a BM hunter once you are geared to the teeth (beyond our content) B/c with some haste you will start to approch a BM hunter and you will be critting a lot more.

Oh, and drizz. Come back now.

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Post#4 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:22 pm

I'm at 950-1065 agility fully buffed (depending on totems and scrolls) with three pieces of T5 speced 0/21/40 and I'm pretty much always in the top five for damage and Tuesday night I was #1. So I'd say survival is a viable raid spec :-D

The issue with survival hunters in raid is that you only need one. Otherwise you're losing either the stacking BM buff or Trueshot Aura. Expose Weakness doesn't stack...yet...come on Lich King...

What?!? We can hope!

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Post#5 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:24 pm

LOL honestly thinking about it, I've taken a 4 month hiatas from WoW all together now. Think the only thing keeping me is the fact that to take up the fact that I'm spending twice what I was on gas I killed my cable internet and I'm using my blackberry......maybe August, the old lady goes back to school and will need internet again and then I'll sneak back onto the seen.

Think I had one T6 item lvl piece of gear and I was around 1100 agi and 40%+ crit with the right party make up. The availability of the +10 agi gems make achieving it a little easier now. The only Viable raiding spec's imo are BM and one SV hunter. MM is pvp....

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Post#6 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:30 pm

Drizztdeurde wrote:...and then I'll sneak back onto the seen.

It's spelled "scene," nub. :-P
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Post#7 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:30 pm


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Post#8 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:37 pm

LOL Ec at the 4th spec....this is for Tag only! Wasn't sure how to take that remark but I am assuming that its a compliment!


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Post#9 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:00 pm

It's called Über-Hunter!
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