3.0.8 Hunter Bug fixes

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3.0.8 Hunter Bug fixes

Post by Drizztdeurde » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:17 am

* Aspects: All aspects now have a 1 second global cooldown.
* Aspect of the Beast: Will now increase Hunter pet attack power by the correct amount.
* Aspect of the Viper: Beast Lore, Scare Beast, and Tame Beast will no longer trigger mana regeneration from this ability.
* Call of the Wild: Now only works on the pet and their own master.
* Carrion Feeder: No longer causes extremely large amounts of threat when the pet gains happiness.
* Chimera Shot: The secondary effects of this shot will now still be triggered even when the target dies from the ability's damage.
* Cower: Now longer shares a cooldown with Growl, but has its own separate cooldown.
* Dust Cloud: This pet ability will now be cast by the pet at the target instead of while they are moving toward the target.
* Marked for Death: Now works properly for Steady Shot and Glyph of Steady Shot.
* Master's Call: Now makes the pet immune to roots and snares for the duration as well, allowing the pet to break roots on the target even when the pet is rooted.
* Nether Shock: Pets will now correctly use this ability on all targets, not just mana users.
* Noxious Stings: When this talent triggers Wyvern Sting, the Wyvern Sting will now last the proper duration.
* Owl's Focus: Free abilities will no longer consume this effect.
* Prowl: This ability will no longer sometimes turns atuocast on by itself.
* Sniper Training: Now increases the damage of Aimed Shot by the correct amount.
* Spirit Strike: This pet ability's duration and period have both been reduced to 6 seconds.
* Spore Cloud: This ability will now work properly.
* Swipe: The tooltip has been adjusted.
* Tracking: Entering an arena no longer disables tracking types.
* Fixed a bug that allowed Viper's Sting to target death knights. They are now invalid targets.

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