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Mage sheep Macro

Post#1 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:02 pm

If this was posted already my bad.. focus macros.

This is a 2 macro step.

Macro 1:


Macro 2:
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/script SetRaidTarget("focus", 1)
/cast [target=focus] Polymorph
/stopmacro [nogroup]

How it works.. target your sheep click macro 1, when you are ready to sheep click macro 2. Once you start DPS'ing your target you'll never have to click off your target to resheep, just click macro2.

This can be used on other classes as well such as banish and whatnot.. enjoy.

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Post#2 » Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:22 pm

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#showtooltip Polymorph
/focus [mod:alt,target=focus,noharm][mod:alt,target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noharm][target=focus,dead][mod:shift]
/cast [mod:alt,target=focus,exists] Polymorph; [nomod] Polymorph

Alt-Click (with no focus): sets the focus to your current target and sheeps focus
Alt-Click (with focus): sheeps focus
Shift-Click: clears focus
Click: sheeps current target while still maintaining focus.

Alternatively you can switch around the functionality so that clicking sheeps your current focus, and alt clicking sheeps your target:

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#showtooltip Polymorph
/focus [target=focus,noharm][target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,noharm][target=focus,dead][mod:shift]
/cast [mod:alt] Polymorph; [target=focus,exists] Polymorph
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