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important news

Post by Gnomerman » Fri Nov 07, 2008 9:02 am

so, the spreadsheets don't lie, but i've discovered something

crit is a greater stat than haste for a fire mage (who'd have thought)

i was running a spreadsheet for my mage in my current gear, and here is the result

1 spellpower = 1.117 dps
1 crit= 1.252 dps
1 haste=1.175 dps

and from what i've gathered, the more crit you have, the more valuable it becomes
(i love the scaling of the fire tree these days)

im going to update my post on itemization at some point

but yeah, if your filling in yellow sockets for set bonus, go for the potent pyrestones (5 crit and 6 spell dmg) instead of the haste ones (blue sockets (if the set bonus is that epic) should be dmg and spirit gems if there is a disc priest in the raid (wtb pst)

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