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lvl 80 raid build

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:23 pm
by Gnomerman

as of right now this is the seccond highest lvl 80 single target dps spec in the game (damn you MM hunters and your op leetness) (this claim is from looking at beta naxx runs)

Living bomb+frostfire+icy viens=amazing

due to frostfires benefitting from fire and frost talents... you get giant crits... the overall crit multiplyer is retardedly high. a crit = dmg*3.15 due to ignite+ burnout+Ice shards, now... how to get to 100% crit raid buffed... that is the question.

so at lvl 80 with this build itemization as follows

cap hit>spellpower>crit>haste

however, spellpower is only slightly better than crit

but.. living bomb every 12 secconds, keep the 5 stack of scorches up (unless there is a frost mage) frostfire bolt till you get a hot streak and pop off a pyro, is the sex. pop IV when its on cooldown, along with combustion, and be careful you don't pull threat :) (frostfire crit +frostfire crit+insta pyro crit and a living bomb explosion is going to be about 35-40k dmg in 6 secconds@80). if that doesn't make you jump up the threat meter... i don't know what will. (thats 6666 single target dps for all of you wondering).
(i did a small spreadsheet looking at ffbolt crits, and at 2000 sp (naxx lvl) your ff crits are going to be about 10k including the ignite).

Re: lvl 80 raid build

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:25 pm
by Ecnailla
Gnomerman wrote:...MM hunters and your op leetness...


Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:54 pm
by Gnomerman
i can't wait to see T8 gear (the 25 man after naxx) and see how that itemization plays into which classses throw down serious dmg ( i have a felling rogues are going to start throwing some leetness). however... when i get my leet KT drops

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:16 am
by Gnomerman

is the proper frostfire build... that is all

(although... putting 2 points into flam throwing to give your scorch and living bomb the extra range is a valuable asset, so when i get to 80 i'll post my build, maybe i'll give up dragons breath and blast wave (we have 4 hunters to do aoe, also having to get into mele range to aoe is scary)
with minimal aoe for a primary single target nuke rotation.

now, in naxx lvl gear (25 naxx) this is the highest dmg output for mages. depending on itemization/class changed is 3.1 (the next tier of 25 man gear) fire may scale back up to ffb. as far as non critical dmg (ie 0% crit chance) fireball is the highest dps spell a mage has. however, raid buffed at 50% criticals are happening often, and the 3.2 crit multiplier on ffb is retarded, and in fact a ffb crit is the best scaling and highest dpm spell in the game. perioid. so, if there is a lot of crit on gear, ffb looks good, if there is a lot of dmg, and haste, deep fire looks good. only time will tell, but for the mean time, get to 10% hit, grab as much crit and spell dmg as you can, and throw one of those talents down. and as long as you can keep scorch up and living bomb up without clipping it, you'll throw 3k dps in your sleep.

as of right now, i would avoid haste if possible. if the sweet epic upgrade has more dmg and stats than your gear, but has a boatload of haste on it instead of crit, its still good, just never socket for haste to grab a yello socket bonus. (as of 3.0 right now)