my experiences with arcane raiding

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my experiences with arcane raiding

Post by Gnomerman » Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:55 am

so last night i tried arcane.
started the night off on noth, did 4000 dps, it was better than what i've been averaging with ffb. good start. heigan was a lil low, but not bad. i think part of the feeling of a little low was because the majority of our dps step it up and pwn some face. some more bosses, and then grand widow, and my damage seemed terrible, 3200 dps isn't terrible, it was just well below the rest of the raid (i kinda wasted arcane power though).

after patchwork, i felt like it wasn't a huge improvement. 4200 dps, i've gotten higher, and lower with ffb. mostly due to luck.

the main reason i was a little meh about it is because 7 people did more damage. is this QQ, a little.

so as the night goes on, i noticed i was consistantly at the 4k dps mark, not so with ffb. i was in the top 5 for the rest of the boss fights. then, being silly, i reallized i was using abarr rank one, there are 3 ranks. i was a noob and didn't upgrade my arcane barrage. this accounts for ~15-20% of arcane damage. so less than 50% damage from a spell that gives me 15%+ of my damage... ok, thats 7.5% damage minimum (and uses more mana.

so i go learn my new ranks, and we have four horse men, then saph and kt.

3540 dps on 4HM, #1
3575 dps on saph, #1
4270 dps on KT, #2

these were fights i was poor with with ffb spec, from last week.

last weeks dps (gear was almost identical, (remember i was still gemmed for crit instead of haste/int.

noth 2940 dps
grand widow 3748 dps
patch 3849 dps
4HM 2747 dps
saph 2957 dps
KT 2826 dps

the total boss dps (what i use to see who does what in a raid) on wws shows me as 1100 dps higher as arcane.

so after last night, im hooked. i felt like i shoud have been doing more damage. i missed quite a few arcane barrages, i clipped some arcane missles, i blew some extra arcane blasts (there is now point to casting arcane blast when you have a 3xdebuff, it costs 1700 mana, and doesn't do any more damage, so it effectivly wastes 1400 mana). so i have some bugs to work out.

i think at our current gear level, deep fire might be higher damage than ffb. yeah.. you need more hit, but your not as crit dependant. you still like em, but a normal fireball hits a hell of a lot harder (same cast speed) than a non crit ffb.

but arcane is much better at providing better damage out put consistantly. i need to work on mana management, however, from what i've read, with evocate on a 2 min cooldow, your goal as an arcane mage is to use all your mana in 2 min, evocate, repeat. from last nights experience, an inervate takes the place of that evocate :) i do'nt want to be a bitch always asking for one though, nor do i want to rely on it. i also found myself using mana pots once per boss fight.

you might say, get some more mana regen. well, i had 584 while casting last night. im pretty sure that trumps everyone in the guild so far. (80% mana regen while casting ftw). i'll be up over 600 for the next raid, as i'll regem for int instead of crit, and i'll get spi instead of stam on my enchants/gems. not to mention my T7 helm has 60 some spirit.

but, so far arcane is proving fun, and is changing the game up for me. still getting used to it though.

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Post by Ecnailla » Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:03 pm

Yea, I was wondering how it stacked up after watching the "how to arcane mage" at stratfu. Seemed pretty cool and apparently arcane mages are destroying people in BGs (see Freezar).

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Post by Lealla » Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:59 pm

I'm not shy about using my Innervate on others, as I have yet to find the fight that I'm seriously at risk of going OOM on. I can't even get my mana to dip below 75% unless I spam Moonfire like a noobtard or have a long string with no crits.

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Post by Gnomerman » Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:12 pm

last night, an inervate, when i was at 25% mana put me to about 95% mana, which is huge, considering AP sucks mana like its its job, but ablast crits for 13k and am for 7k a missiles.

my mana usage isn't too terrible, its just when you combine heroism, arcane power, and icy viens, the mps usage is about 300 mps or 1500 mp5. normal arcane mana usage is significanly higher than 600mp5 (120 mps). im guessing its about 1000 mp5, or i could not be lazy and do math... brb

There is more to life than pew pew you know, like staying out of the fire so you can live to pew pew another day

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