3.1 changes for mages

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3.1 changes for mages

Post by Gnomerman » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:59 pm

so i looked at our changes, and they were pretty weak... like almost disapointingly weak.


they are removing the improved water elemental talent, but replacing it with a replenishment type talent thing.

they are looking for a way to add ice lance shatter combo's into pve frost, (thus upping their damage, it didn't say that, however, its implied)

they are thinking of a way to make spirit more useful to all mages. they don't say how.

and thats about all they announced. in a way thats good, because, other than frost, which i have a feeling they'll balance, mages, in my opinion, are a very balanced class. they put out good damage, it scales with gear, and you need to do a little more than faceroll, but not so much that you can't stay out of the fire.


so, the way things are looking, spirit will be useful to ALL mages. there are 2 ways to do that, one make everyone get mana regen while casting from it... oh wait, they already did that, minus frost, but they have no need to do the low mana cost. arcane mages get more benefit, cuz they get more int, thus more regen/spirit. they are planning to rework mage armor (and the other while casting talents/ abilities) to make while casting mana regen about the same, for dps at least.

i have a feeling that that will not be the only use for spirit for mages. spirit will somehow benefit mages. what i want to see would be a 41+ point talent, or something along that level (so a mage cannot grab both) in EACH tree, or modify a 41+ lvl talent to give spirit a dps bonus. say in the arcane tree, make 30% of spirit go to haste, for fire make 30% of spirit go to crit, and for frost make 30% of spirit go to spellpower. on top of the manaregen awesomeness, this will give each tree a nice boost to their stats (the ratios are just an example, but it would help each tree by giving the stats that benefit the tree the most). arcane scales best off haste, fire is crit, and give frost more spellpower, cuz well, they are behind and need it.

but alas, thast what im praying for. i mean, they could be lazy, and just give us a flat % to spell power for all mages, make it like a 1st tier frost or arcane or fire talent. idk, make it so whenever a mage has any armor up they get it. something idk. but im very happy to hear they are making spirit a stat thats more than a small amount of passive mana regen

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Post by Lealla » Fri Feb 06, 2009 5:25 pm

15% conversion would be more consistent with similar talents for the other classes. I like the idea of having a different type for each talent tree.

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