arcane rotation

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arcane rotation

Post by Gnomerman » Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:00 pm

I posted a new list of rotations on the first post, I thought I should repost here.

cycle dps mps dpm dpm tradeoff (next cycle) dpm tradeoff (cycle 2) general use note

AB3+ [mbarr] 5495.957 387.9541 14.17 -1.85 mana dump / during AP cast mbarr only at 3 stack

AB AB AB ([mbarr] or abarr) 5132.355 190.8791 26.89 1.85 main cycle / during AP

AB AB AB AM 5070.111 157.7089 32.15 1.88 1.88 main cycle / during AP

AB AB ([mbarr] or AB AM) 5031.662 146.4452 34.36 3.41 2.27 main cycle

AB ([AB mbarr] or abarr) 4760.778 87.75334 54.25 4.62 3.60 mana saving * see note below

AB ([mbarr] or abarr) 4677.5 74.82857 62.51 6.44 3.92 mana saving * see note below

AB AM 4184.583 32.69562 127.99 11.71 5.99 mana saving
([] denotes conditional statement. Cast only on missile barrage proc.)
(example: AB AB ([mbarr] or AB AM) indicates: "AB AB AB AM" (without mbarr proc) and "AB AB mbarr" when mbarr procs)
(clarification: AB3+ refers to AB spamming. It also means you must cast at least 3 AB)

note: be aware that (AB abarr) can fail to work if abarr is still on cooldown (this will typically happens during bloodlust + icy veins). You probably want to use a different rotation during haste cooldowns.

Understanding DPM tradeoffs

A DPM tradeoff represents roughly the extra DPM you get from 1 mana by spending that mana on another cycle.
In other words, it represents the extra damage you will deal from switching rotations (assuming the initial rotation would have ran you OOM). It also indirectly indicates the value of mana, and how much more damage more mana will give you in total.

If anything, Kavan's numbers confirm Vontre's finding that you can save tremendous mana when using early mbarr (ie: avoid waiting 3 stacks). If you check the rotation "AB AB ([mbarr] or AB AM)", it confirms it somewhat. Although I admit I am unsire what to make of "AB ([AB mbarr] or abarr)".

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i yoinked this from the EJ thread, was to lazy to do anything more than link

is the actual link.

apparantly i was fail at arcane dps. will be changing rotation accordingly. btw, abar is a less useful spell in pve now...

max dps is AB spam and AM when missile barrage procs... wait.. thats just like arcane before, but now with a small break. good thing im over 700 mp5 while casting, but im spending 1939 (when AP is up, or 1780 mp5 when its not) mp5 with the max rotation. wtb evocation that works like an innervate.

a better rotation is ABx3 then arcane barrage or missiles if missile barrage is up. this is almost exactly half, about 900ish mp5 (sustainable with replenish and 700 mp5 while casting).

or abx2 mbarrage if up, or abx3 AM this puts it down to about 700 mp5, which is my gears while casting (i have piles of int and spirit).

now, what this tells me. is AB AB abar/AM is about a 450mp5 rotation.. which means i'm gaining 250+ mp5 as my net mana use.

i can't wait to get more gear with spirit, and i have enough hit now to change talent points out to get more non hit arcane talents. we'll see what we get up to for sustainability.

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Post by Ecnailla » Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:38 pm

Mage rotation



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/castrotation reset=combat, alt pew, pew, pew

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