Let us rejoice! (later, not right now though)

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Let us rejoice! (later, not right now though)

Post by Gnomerman » Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:43 am

so blizzard has finally "figured out" how to make "spirit an interesting stat for mages" . We shall be getting 25% of our spirit to critical strike rating whith molten armor up. This is replaceing the flat 3% we get. That means ~1% crit for every 182 spirit (give or take i did that in my head).

glyph of molten armor will give us an additional 15% (puts us to 40% crit rating from spirit) instead of 2% more crit.

so, at first this seems like a buff... hooray!

so lets break it down. currently glyphed, my molten armor gives us 5% flat crit rating.

now to armory. my unbuffed gnome has 362 spirit. 40% of that is 144.8 critical strike rating. that is 3.154% crit. hmmm, thats less than 5%. that sucks. however, spirit scales with kings, priest buff (80 spirit). 486.2 spirit there. that gives me 194.48 crit rating. or 4.236% crit. still less than what i have. however, this will scale with gear. I only get 182 spirit from my gear (i gear for not having spirit).

you need 574 spirit to get to 5% crit, to equal what glyphed molten armor currently is. at that lvl of spirit, the glyhp is worth 1.875 crit (less than it is now, 2% crit), so thats 612 spirit for the glyph to be worth the same amount it is now

so, here is what this means

spirit is not just a mana regen stat... (for mages who run molten) yay! however, THIS IS NOT A BUFF. its not really a nerf, cuz in a raid, especially as our gear ilvl increases, it will increase above 5%, thus, scaling. so in ulduar and icecrown its not bad. however, spirit is definatly a stat we won't be stacking. we still have a spirit cap, and that is when we regen our mana as fast as our mana usage. (read never for arcane, and we already have with frost) ffb will use more mana now, due to BoW and mana spring no longer stacking. fire, uses more mana than it regens (in my gear, which is damn near BIS, which, btw i would not change my spirit going to bis.

also, int is still worth more crit that spirit. 182 +/- a lil > than the 126.66 int for 1% crit. so spirit is still on the bottom of the totem pole for every mage class, except for arcane, but they arn't running molten, so woop dee do.

all this does is make us complain less about spirit on our gear.

in ulduar, a lot of gear has similar damage stats to what we have now, with spirit thrown on there. it won't be hard to get an extra 400 spirit, which at that lvl will make it so molten armor provides more than it currently does. It helps (barely) with our scaling, and makes it so we complain slightly less about having spirit on our gear. well, as arcane you would never complain, but as fire you definatly do. it makes the talent to increase your spirit by 10% much better now

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