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The Healadin thread at EJ

Post by Kendalh » Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:32 pm

I was reading this over at the Healadin thread on EJ. Just thought I'd share this with yall: (Post #1224)

And I usually have like... 300, if I'm lucky 400 HPS max. In heroics etc I can easily reach 800/850. Obviously that's just you healing and in 25-mans you have way more healers, but nevertheless - assuming I don't slack - I shouldn't be so far behind guys with similar spellcrit but only 1600 bonus healing and no spellhaste? Let's say mana is not an issue (because pretty often we got SPs). And I'm not talking being a bit behind, I'm talking like... Sometimes twice as much healing done as me. What's up with that really? Maybe I'm not entirely grasping the concept of this all, but it just sounded a little weird to me.
My friend don't concern yourself with topping healing meters as a Paladin, especially if you're raiding Black Temple which favors dramatically towards Chain Heal and Circle of Healing. If you're using a meter such as Recount (or something similar) then I would just concern yourself with continuing to look into your efficiency, but the only thing that should matter to you in Black Temple is keeping Tanks alive and any other utility which your raid composition allows for you (Cleanse, Judgements, BoP's, ect ect...) If your Tank is living at the end of encounters and wipes are not caused to Tanks dying, then you're doing your primary objective.

The first thing I had to learn as a Paladin to become a better healer was to ignore healing meters. I was feeling the same way you are," WTF why are these guys so ahead of me on meters?!?!?!" But then I realized that it was just how our healing team worked out, we were a heavy raid healing team and that's what Black Temple required. We usually run with 8 healers. 2 of each type is typical for us, I never get a SPriest, I'm always in Tank group for Devo Aura and I obviously still place bottom on meters for many encounters. But, my raids rarely wipe due to a Tanks death I think if you look beyond the meters you may find the same peace of mind that I have. Healthy Tanks = Healthy Raids.

However, if you do wish to increase your HPS or boost yourself a bit on those meters, then I would suggest looking at the mods you're using and playing with them to maybe make healing easier and faster to react to. Do you use Grid?

Anyways, I know how you feel and if you have any questions on how I personally dealt with them, feel free to post or PM.

Best of Luck through the rest of Black Temple

**EDIT -- Also, start using Holy Light (Rank 9), it has the same co-efficient as (Rank 11), aswell try to get used to replacing some FoL's with Holy Light (Rank4/5). Use 4/5 at your discretion. It's of course all dependent on your healing style, but keeping up Light's Grace is crucial.

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