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Post#1 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:52 pm

From what I have always found online, you want 490 def to be uncritable and 102.4 total avoidance to be uncrushable. Looking at the combat table, I have never understood why 490 def makes you crit proof, but you can still be under 102.4 total avoidance and thus be crushable.... since crushing blows are lower on the table than crits. Is what I found online flawed?

2nd question- in 3.0 Crushing blows in raids are going bye bye. Does this effect the required 490 or 102.4? I wouldn't think so because it is just the next thing on the table to be pushed off, but as you can tell from my first question - splitting critable and crushable confuses me. I guess I just don't see why 102.4 total avoidance and say... 430 def won't do the trick.

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Post#2 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:47 pm

I found my answer -

I didn't realize that def, like resil, directly reduces your chance to be crit. It dosen't push it off the table, it shrinks it to nothing.

So after the patch, you really don't need 102.4 total avoidance.... well... if you have 102.4 total avoidance - you will never be hit... all incoming damage will be at least blocked. And with the changes to block - you should be blocking a lot more per hit. So not only are crushings going away, but our total midigaiton is going up? If i have that right?

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Post#3 » Wed Sep 17, 2008 2:07 pm

Your second post is basically correct, Ec.

From a mechanical perspective, Defense (like Resilience) directly reduces the portion of the hit table allocated to crits. Crits are actually higher priority than crushing blows because they do more damage, so even if you somehow pushed your avoidance to 102.4% with zero Defense rating or Resilience, you'd still have a 5.6% chance to take a crit.

Now, if you could get your avoidance to 108%, you'd be crit and crush immune since every attack would be a miss, parry, dodge, or block. However, the downside of this is that if you take a stun, incapacitate, or other disabling effect, get attacked from behind, or cast a spell with a casting or channeling time, you'd immediately be crittable as well as crushable since you'd no longer be able to dodge, parry, or block.

Defense is passive in the sense that it always operates, while avoidance requires that you be able to actively defend yourself.

The order of priority on the hit table is: miss, dodge, parry, block, crit, crush, hit. If the total of these values exceeds 100%, they start getting pushed off the table from right to left. Defense and Resilience work by eliminating the base chance of a crit, while avoidance works by increasing miss/dodge/parry/block to the point where there's no room left for other results.

In 3.0, it will no longer be possible to take a crushing blow from a mob 3 or fewer levels higher than you if your Defense skill is at least maxed for your level (350+ for level 70). Thus, any attack that would have been a crushing blow in the old system will instead occupy just the normal hit portion of the table. Due to the increase in block value, you'll still see significant additional mitigation from pushing your avoidance, however. And as you noted, it's still necessary to cap Defense in order to avoid critical hits.

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