490 Def? Idk....

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490 Def? Idk....

Post by Ecnailla » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:10 pm

I believe I am thinking straight on this, but wanted to run in by you guys to make sure I'm not crazy.
I am an OT plain and simple. I don't tank bosses in our raids, just trash. A recent upgrade knocked my Def below 490. I can switch some stuff around and get back up there, but for the best stam/avoidance mix, I'll be sitting just under 490.

My question is.... does it really matter for an OT? I don't fight boss level mobs in raids, so I am not at risk of being crit, correct? I would obviously cap my 490 for fights like bloodboil and Suprms. when I will actually be tanking the boss at times... Well, I'll probably make sure I am 490 on any boss on the off chance I need to pick it up - but should I concern myself with capping my Def rating in my trash tanking set?

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Post by Lealla » Fri Oct 24, 2008 5:22 pm

You are correct in believing that you do not need 490 Defense to tank most trash. The formula is as follows:

Base mob crit = 5%, modified by 0.04% for every point of difference between their Attack and your Defense.
Mob Attack = 5 * level. Therefore, a level 70 mob has 350 Attack, a level 71 has 355, a level 72 has 360, and a level 73 has 365.

Doing the math, to be crit immune you need Defense = [Mob Level] * 5 + (5 * 25). Plugging in the numbers gives us:

Level 70 = 475
Level 71 = 480
Level 72 = 485
Level 73 = 490

Most raid trash caps out at level 72, so you'll need 485 Defense to be safe. The occasional level 73 mob will still have a chance to crit you, though.

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