Unstable Affliction

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Unstable Affliction

Post by Ecnailla » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:27 am

I use critline. Everytime I set a new record for highest white dmg or crit or normal dmg from a move it pops up mid screen and plays a sound. It says the move, new record and what the dmg was and if it was a normal hit or a crit.

I got a lot of new gear. Lots more dmg. Went to run AB for the fun of it.

First, I would just like to say many faces were melted.

BUT – the point of this post….

I had my first Unstable Affliction. It was put on me and dispelled by another priest- crit line was kind enough to tell me how much I crited the poor guy that dispelled it. 1425.

So currently, my record dmg for Unstable Affliction is 1425… too bad it was on one of my own players….

I also killed a frost spec mage in full T2 gear in the arena 2vs2 (really 1vs1).

Silence at the end of his first cast, pain, MB, VT (blink and ice block) – fear when melted – MB – face melt to death.

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