Shadow Word: Death = higher DPS AND lower repair bills

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Shadow Word: Death = higher DPS AND lower repair bills

Post by Ecnailla » Wed Jan 24, 2007 12:21 pm

Ok, so I have used shadow word:death for a little while and love it. Runners are not problem. I have higher Dmg in raids because I can use it on a regular basis as long as I have vamperic embrace running and I don't have any mobs on me. I also try to use it for its purpose- to finish off a mob. When this works (more often than not) it will proc sprit tap since I am the one that got the last move, so I have more mana regeneration after each mob it kills.

All of this was wonderful…but then I was reading a forum and found the “cherry on top” use for this move.

If you are in a group/raid and it is going to be a wipe. You are one of the last ones standing or you have less then 1K hp- use SW:D. This will kill you. You kill yourself, the mob doesn’t kill you. Your gear will still take the normal damage from a fight, but you will not get the damage penalty from death!

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