Keal macros for shadow priest

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Keal macros for shadow priest

Post by Budica » Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:30 pm

Here are the macros for using the stafs in phase 3-5 we have to keep the debuff up on people or we wipe

1st macro is (call it kill 1)

/use staff of disintegration
/cast Mind Blast(Rank 11)

2nd macro is (call it kill 2)

/use staff of disintegration
/cast Mind Flay(Rank 7)

the target order for us on weapons is (I have macro for each)

Target 1 or kill 1
/target Staff of Disintegration

TARGET 2 or kill 2
/target Devastation

Target 3 or kill 3
/target Cosmic Infuser

Target 4 or kill 4
/TARGET Infinity Blade

Target 5 or kill 5
/TARGET Warp Slicer

Target 6 or kill 6
/TARGET Phaseshift Bulwark

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