SP Hit rating Vs. SF question

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SP Hit rating Vs. SF question

Post by Gig » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:23 pm

so with a recent upgrade i got from ZA, i reached a hit rating of 112. Since i'm a Draenai, i get a 1% hit (12.6 hit) which gives me a total of 124.6 hit. with the table bellow (from SP.com) does this give me enough spell hit to go 4/5 SF?

1% hit = 12.6 hit rating at level 70.

Spell Hit Caps (rounded up):
* 76 hit is the cap with 5/5 Shadow Focus
* 101 hit before you can go to 4/5 Shadow Focus
* 126 hit before you can go to 3/5 Shadow Focus
* 152 hit before you can go to 2/5 Shadow Focus
* 177 hit before you can go to 1/5 Shadow Focus
* 202 hit before you can go to 0/5 Shadow Focus

Draenai have an additional 1% hit, allowing you to be another 12.6 hit rating below the above caps

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Post by Lealla » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:35 pm

This is assuming that you're talking about 2.4. In 3.0, the formula is radically different, since Shadow Focus supplies a max of 3% hit. While you're right that in the current mechanics you can now go to 4/5 SF, you'll be well-advised to continue grabbing hit gear if you want to eventually cap... not that it'll matter once LK hits and everyone starts leveling again. :-)

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