Instructor Razuvious and MC

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Instructor Razuvious and MC

Post by Heartwood » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:44 pm had an article/video today on 25man Instructor Razuvious. In that article it had the following section, given some of the difficulties we had with MC I thought it might be of use:
25-Man Notes

Razuvious has four adds at the beginning of the encounter in the 25-man encounter and they must be Mind Controlled by Priests (ideally with some Hit). Use Mind Sooth on the closest two and Mind Control them. Have tanks ready for the adds (taunts and quick aggro are good, but turn off auto attack if you're tanking these).
There was however no section on the effectiveness of Shackle, in MCing mobs.
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Post by Ecnailla » Fri Dec 05, 2008 1:47 pm

I don't know how the 40 man went, but in 10/25 man- mind sooth dosen't really accomplish anything- they all still aggro at about the same moment on the same players. Instructor yells a bit before he actually attacks, allowing ample time to get a add MCed and ready to tank him.
Honestly, I think our main problem (aside from people trying to shackle, MC bugs and such) - was the "Ideally with some hit". As a healer I don't think rxus had much, if any hit and the mind controls were possibly being broken early as a result. Perhaps our 2nd priest should pick up some green/blue dps gear with some hit on it. They won't miss their raiding gear as they do no healing while rotating the MCs anyway.

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Post by Lealla » Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:18 pm

They're level 82, so you need 6% hit to guarantee no breaks. You can get 1% from a Draenei, 3% from the appropriate Discpline or Shadow talents, and up to 3% if a friendly Boomkin can get Improved Faerie Fire up on the pull (and maintain it during the fight, which is no simple matter).

Since the MC'ing Priests on Razuvious are doing that and nothing else, it's certainly worthwhile to keep a few spell hit items in your bags for Naxx.

And on the 40 man, there was no slack time; you had to initiate with an MC or else have an FD Hunter or Evasion Rogue manage the pull. The reason Mind Soothe works is that it allows you to get in range to cast MC without engaging the encounter first.

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