school shooting

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school shooting

Post by Viny » Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:25 pm

friday at my school we where on lockdown and there were alot of cops and FBI in are school and dogs looking for bombs

Saline high school student accused of making bomb, faces 3 felony charges
by John Mulcahy | The Ann Arbor News
Saturday October 25, 2008, 5:46 PM

A 17-year-old Saline High School student faces three felony charges of possessing explosives and building a bomb with the intent to threaten people or property.

Ryan Grossman of Saline Township was arraigned Saturday at the Washtenaw County Jail.

Trooper Duane Zook of the State Police Ypsilanti post said police found a bomb and explosives at Grossman's home.

Grossman allegedly told another student Thursday that a third student was on his "hit list," Zook said.

When the threatened student found out, he e-mailed a faculty member about the threat, leading school officials to call State Police Friday morning. Zook said police learned in interviews with students that Grossman had threatened to harm other students and the school building, and one student said he had seen some explosives that Grossman had.

That led to a search of Grossman's home where police found explosives and a bomb, Zook said.

Zook said Saturday that the State Police crime laboratory was still testing the explosives and he did not know exactly what kind they were.

State Police reported Friday that Grossman denied making any threats.

Each of the three charges against Grossman carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence and a possible $10,000 fine.

Magistrate M. Colleen Currie set bond at $25,000 cash and ordered that if Grossman is released on bond he will remain under house arrest, cannot enter Saline High School and cannot purchase or possess firearms or explosives.

Grossman declined Currie's offer of a court-appointed attorney and told her he needed to call his parents. Currie set a preliminary hearing for Nov. 6.

Grossman's father, Erik Grossman, was at the jail to watch his son's arraignment but declined to comment.

Reporter John Mulcahy can be reached at 734-994-6858 or
Matthew Guldi, who graduated from Saline High School in June of this year, said he had been in a math class and a mythology class with Grossman.

"For the most part he was quiet," Guldi said. "When he was comfortable, he would talk to people."

Guldi said he never heard Grossman talk about a bomb or make any bomb threats.

He called the news of the arrest shocking. "I never would have thought something like this would have happened from a small town," he said.

School officials said Friday that Grossman has been suspended from school.

The school was locked down from about 1:30-2:30 p.m. Friday.

Bomb detecting dogs searched the school for explosives or weapons, but none were found. Weekend events at the school were scheduled to continue as planned and the school was expected to operate normally Monday, school officials said.

Saline High School officials received information from a student that another student had intended to do harm to others.

The high school administration took this report seriously and immediately began to investigate the allegations. Upon preliminary investigation, our administration believed this was a credible concern and contacted Scot Graden, Superintendent.

Mr. Graden immediately contacted the Michigan State Police Department who responded to the high school to further the investigation. The initial response from the State Police indicated that there was a credible off campus threat.

The preliminary report indicated that no other students were involved in this incident and that all related activity took place off school property.

In order to facilitate a safe sweep of the building, the high school entered into Secure Mode. While in Secure Mode, the perimeter of the building is locked down while still allowing student movement on a limited basis. The high school moved out of secure mode at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon and dismissed as usual.

Once again, the Michigan State Police did view this as a legitimate off campus threat; however, at no time did the authorities believe the students, faculty or building were at risk.

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Post by zephar » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:37 pm

Holy crap man o_o
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