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Stigg's Rogue Twink Guide

Post by Ecnailla » Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:59 pm

Ok Boldness- here ya go : )

Rogue Twink Guide by Stigg on

I wrote this guide for all the players who always wondered what twinks were, how to make one, or anything along those lines. I have made 3 twinks. Two rogues and one mage (which ultimately failed because of the twink rogues…). I am sure there is a lot the community can add to this guide, so please feel free to add anything you would like to this thread. I do admit of having very limited alliance specific twink knowledge. While I have played alliance rogues to 30, I have never taken the time to twink them. If I am missing a quest similar to the Wingblade for WC on the alliance side, please add it. Also, please do not follow this guide word for word to make your twink. Read through it if it interests you then LEARN MORE before making a twink. A simple mistake on my part or you part will cause your twink to ding to 20 and you have just wasted probably around 300 gold.

The basic idea of having a twink is to make him so overpowered that there will be no competition in battlegrounds unless facing another twink. There are many reasons players twink…some to relieve stress after a long day of raiding, others because they have grown tired of playing their main character and are just looking for a fun way to relax. Twinks will be looked on in both glory and in despise. When I was making my first twink there was only one player on the server who had +15 agility to gloves enchant. He refused to give it to any twinks even when I offered 50g with mats for the enchant.

This is version 2, I have added some weapons, items, and more information regarding twinking of Alliance.

The Types of Twink Rogues
There are three types of rogue twinks. They are based primarily on what enchants they use. Each one has arguably better purposes.

Agility Rogues
These are the rogues you see with 180+ agility but only 800 health. These twinks have a huge crit and dodge chance, but if they are getting Moonfire spammed they are in trouble. Most twinks hate this form of rogue the most, because you simply can not hit him often enough. 1v1 these twinks are amazing. The problem lies with their inability to have much health to last against multiple opponents.

Stamina Rogues
These rogues are the complete opposite of Agility rogues. They have about 1400 life, but only about 100 agility. Their dodge and crit chance is low, but they have a lot of life, making them hard to kill. I have seen these rogues take on a twink hunter 1v1 purely because they had more life than the hunter did mana. The down side is the inability to get sufficient crits, and the dodge is so low that you will get hit a ton. Of course, that’s why you have massive health…

Balanced Rogues
Here is the nice combination of both. Usually sitting around 130-160 agility with about 1100 health, these rogues have some of both agility and stamina. Your dodge rating wont be as high as the agility rogues, your health wont be as high as the stamina rogues. You will, however, be able to dodge a decent amount and crit a bit, along with have enough health to keep you alive for a bit longer. This is what most twinks are. Of course, that by no means should force you to be it.

Rogues can be every race in World of Warcraft except Taurens. This allows for a very diverse twinking community. Although I believe some races are more designed for rogues than others, they each have their own benefits.



Activate to dramatically increase stealth detection - Lasts 20 sec - 3 min cooldown
The Human Spirit
Increase Spirit by 5%
10% bonus to faction point gain
Sword Specialization
Humans get +5 to Sword skill
Mace Specialization – passive
Humans get +5 to Mace skill

Humans make excellent rogues. They can detect other rogues with perception, at level 19 they have a skill level of 20 (which increases chance to hit) for swords and maces. They will also be able to get exalted status with WSG 10% quicker. Human spirit is of course a waste.

While active grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increases by 10%. Lasts 8 seconds.

Gun Specialization
Dwarves get +5 to Gun Skill

Frost Resistance
All Dwarves get +10 to Frost Resistance

Find Treasure
Activate to see treasure chests on mini map

Stoneform can give dwarves that slight edge needed to beat another rogue. They also have +5 to guns, which some twinks prefer.

Escape Artist
Activate to break out of a Root or Snare effect

Expansive Mind
Increase Intelligence by 5%

Arcane Resistance
All gnomes get +10 Arcane resistance

Engineering Specialization
15 skill bonus to Engineering

Gnomes are great. They are small which adds a bit to being stealthy. Not by any technical number, but just from eyesight. They can also get to 150 engineering quicker and have the benefit of being able to create a few more items because they will be at level 165 engineering instead. Escape Artist is also exetremely useful in getting out of sticky situations.

Night Elves
Shadow Meld
Activate while immobile and out of combat to enter stealth mode

Dodge increased by 1%

Wisp Spirit
Become a wisp when dead with movement speed increase of 50%

Nature Resistance
All night elves get +10 Nature Resist

Shadowmeld comes in handy when stealth is still on cooldown. Dodge is extra nice.



Increases your attack speed by 10% to 30%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt when you activate berserking.

10% health regeneration bonus, 10% active in combat

5% damage bonus to beasts

Throwing Specializatoin
+5 to throwing weapons skills

Bow Specialization
+5 to Bow weapon skills.

Trolls make excellent rogues. I slight health regen will benefit a lot when you are stealthing through the enemy tunnels after a big fight. Popping berserking will up your damage and may give you the edge to win the battle. Some twinks prefer bows to guns. With +5 skill to guns, they will benefit immensely with this.

Blood Fury
Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 seconds and reduces healing effects on you 50% for 25 seconds.

25% resistance to stun and knockout effects

Pet Melee damage increased by 5%

Axe Specialization
Orcs get +5 to Axe Skill.

Any increase to Attack Power is great for rogues, as is the chance to resist stun and knockout effects.


Will of the Forsaken
Activate to become immune to Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects. Can also be used while already afflicted by Fear or Sleep.

Activate to regenerate 7% of total health every 2 seconds by consuming Humanoid or Undead Corpses within 5 yards.

Underwater Breathing
Underwater breathing lasts 300% longer than normal.

Shadow Resistance
All undead get +10 Shadow resistance.

My first rogue twink was forsaken as is my 60 rogue. WotF is a great tool to use when a priest or warlock comes running in the door and the rest of your party gets feared. Cannibalize is a wonderful utility to regenerate lost health

Racial Starting Stats

Race Strength Agility Stamina Intellect Spirit Armor Health
21 23 21 20 21 48 55
23 19 24 19 19 40 85
Night Elf
18 28 20 20 20 58 45
16 26 20 24 20 54 45
24 20 23 17 23 42 75
22 25 22 16 21 49 52
20 21 22 18 25 44 65

Steps to Become a Twink

Things to do during your time leveling:

Explore the world:
Any place that you MIGHT need to go to while you are working on your twink you should go to. This includes BB, up and down the STV coast, Gurubashi Arena, Barrens, Westfall, Any place you may want to gank the other faction’s players, major cities, etc. You do NOT want to be 10xp from leveling when you accidentally discover a new place and level to 20.

Get Lucky Fishing Hat
Reward from the weekly fishing competition in STV. This will require a good amount of time fishing (to level up your skill), as well as a great amount of luck (in obtaining the Keefer’s Angelfish). In order to successfully fish (with a 100% collection rate, you will need over 250 fishing skill. This is done with ease if you get your fishing skill to 150 (the highest you can have at 19) then add reels (+100) and purchase the Strong Fishing Pole(+5). Of course, you can fish there at lower skill than 150, but I would not waste my time finding an incredibly rare fish without all the added support I could get.

Get the Arena Grand Master Trinket:
Now this is tough. Every three hours at the Gurubashi Arena in STV, a goblin puts a chest in the middle of a free for all PVP arena. It doesn’t matter if you are on a PVE server, other players can and will kill you for it. Even your own faction can kill you once you hit the ground of the arena. AND you have to open the chest on 12 different occasions and get the Arena trinket that is in there.

Step 1: Get to level 10.
Before you get to level 10, there is no way for you to enter any instances besides Ragefire Chasm, so the only twinking you can do is to scan the Auction House for the items that you will not be getting from inside an instance. Make sure you do not go past level 14. There is a chance it will take you multiple runs to get the items from the instances, especially if you are not having a high level player running you through. Doubtfully any rogue is going to pass up the chance to roll on twink items just because you say you are a twink. Pick up Mining and Skinning and make sure you have a skill of 150 before entering into WC. From here on out, make sure you are mining and skinning every chance you can get!

Step 2: Run Deadmines
Go straight to Vancleef. There is not a single drop in VC that is worth anything to a twink except for the drops off of Vancleef. You will want Blackened Defias Armor and optionally the Cruel Barb which both drop off Vancleef. The drop rate isn’t too high, so this may take you a few runs. If you don’t have a good amount of money or a 60 yourself, running this until the Cruel Barb drops is a good idea. For alliance, make sure you pick up the quest “The Defias Brotherhood” from Gryan Stoutmantle in Westfall. This will allow you to obtain the Tunic of Westfall, a good agility rogue chest-piece.

Step 3: Run Wailing Caverns
A complete clear of WC is practically needed to get ALL of your twink gear from WC. The three items a twink will want are the Venomstrike, the Talbar Mantle, and the Leggings of the Fang. I recommend running this second, only because hopefully your skinning will be high enough to skin all the deviates that are around. Make sure to keep 10 Deviate Scales and 10 Perfect Deviate Scales. It will save you a good amount on costs. Find a friend that can make you Deviate Scale Belt. You will need 2 fine thread as well.

Step 4: Check your gear
At this time, you should have the Following items:
Blackened Defias Armor
Leggings of the Fang
Deviate Scale Belt
Talbar Mantle

Optional items:
Cruel Barb

If you don’t have the first four, make sure you go back to WC and VC until you get them. If you have the last two, great, if not, no worries.

Step 5: Level to 18.
After you get the above four items, there is no reason to sit around. Start getting up in level. If you are alliance, make sure you get the ring Seal of Wrynn available from the quest, “An Audience with the King.” Alliance, you are done. If you are horde, there is one last item you need to get from instances. You will need to be run through Shadowfang Keep to obtain The Seal of Sylvanas. You need to complete the quest “Arugal Must Die” in which you kill Arugal, the final boss in SFK. The quest level is 18, so there is no reason to enter SFK before this point. Make sure you do this quest as soon as you hit 18. If something goes wrong and you need to quit before the instance is complete, there is a chance you will level to 20 trying to get this quest completed.

Step 6: Auctionhouse is your friend
Now is when money becomes important. You will need to purchase the rest of you gear off the AH or attempt to go farm for it on a different character. Here is what you are looking for:

Sentry Cloak (Back item)
Forest Leather Bracers (Wrists)
Scouting Gloves of the Monkey (Hands)
Feet of the Lynx (Feet)
Blood Ring (1 if horde, 2 for alliance)
Shadowfang (Main hand)
Assassin Blade (Off hand)
Lil Timmy Pea Shooter (ranged)

The Forest Leather Bracers and Scouting Gloves of the Eagle will not be that expensive. The rest will. I farmed for my blades and the rest still cost over 180g to obtain.

Step 7: Armor Enchantments
This is where there can be a large variation in what twinks do. Some opt for agility while others opt for stamina. I personally opt for stamina so that I can live longer against more than one player. The other strong recommendation I have is to get the Minor speed enchant on boots. This will help you get away from other players and will help you catch the flag carrier. The choice is yours.

Bracer: +9 Stamina
15x Illusion Dust
Gloves: +15 Agility
3xNexus Crystal
8x Large Brilliant Shards
4x Essence of Air
Gloves: +7 Agility
3x Lesser Eternal Essence
3x Illusion Dust
Chest: +100 Health
6x Illusion Dust
1x Small Brilliant Shard
Boots: Minor Speed Increase
1x Small Radiant Shard
1x Aquamarine
1x Lesser Nether Essence
Cloak: +3 Agility
2x Lesser Nether Essence

If you opt to not get the +15 agi to gloves and go for the +7 instead, here are the mats you are looking at:

1 Small Radiant Shard
1 Small Brilliant Shard
1 Aquamarine
3 Lesser Nether Essence
3 Lesser Eternal Essence
24 Illusion Dust

Once again, enchants will vary between twinks, so make sure you know what YOU want before going out and buying/farming these mats.

Step 7: Weapon Enchantments
Another argument point in twinks is whether to get +15 agility on both, crusader on one or both, fiery, +5 damage, whatever. Having crusader in the mainhand will allow you to live much longer. I have also been running away with the flag and had it proc many times to save my life and win the match. I also prefer +15 agility to the offhand. The benefit of this non-proc enchant will show up in ways you don’t even notice. Other good options for twinks weapon enchants are Lifestealing and Superior Striking.

For Crusader and +15 agi you will need:

2 Righteous Orbs
10 Large Brilliant Shard
6 Greater Eternal Essence
14 Illusion Dust
4 Essence of Air

The prices for these vary greatly from server to server. On my current server, these mats would run you in the range of about 250-300 gold. If you can not afford this, Fiery Enchant is another great enchant and only requires per weapon:

4 Small Radiant Shard
1 Essence of Fire

This should run about 30 gold each…or about 60 gold total.

For Lifestealing you will need:
6 Essence of Undeath
6 Essence of Living
6 Large Brilliant Shards

Weapon Enchantment Breakdown

+15 Agility
This is almost always your best bet for your off-hand. Because your chance to hit with your offhand is so low, using a proc-based enchant for your offhand is almost useless. From this +15 Agility you will gain crit chance, attack power, and dodge. This will allow you to hit for more, take less damage, and crit more often.

This is my number one choice for Mainhand. I used to use crusader but I switched to this. Lifestealing will take 30 health away from you opponent and give you 30 health. The massive benefit of this is to be able to kill your opponent quickly before they have time to get assistance. Also, since damage is dealt on a proc, dodge of your opponent is void, as procs don’t take into account a dodged attack. Therefore, even if you are going against a player with over 100% dodge rating, you will still inflict damage IF this procs. I also have found Lifestealing to proc more often (about 4x) than Crusader.

This is the other main hand enchant you will see a lot of twinks using. It will heal them for a substantial amount (75-125) and increase their strength for 100 for a short time. I have found crusader to proc much less often than Lifestealing. Crusader does increase your damage output by raising your attack power, but for the duration of the proc, you will most likely not squeeze out the extra 30 damage Lifestealing gives you. This is especially true if you are going against a player with a high dodge rating.

This is one of the enchants a lot of semi-twinked players or players that haven’t saved up the money to buy the mats for Crusader or Lifestealing, will use. The damage output from fiery is 45 damage, which is 150% more than crusader. It does proc around the same amount as Lifestealing, but you will not get 30 health back from it. Also, like Lifestealing, it does have a chance to proc while your opponent is dodging. Like I said before, this is an enchant that is relatively cheap (compared to the other enchants) and shouldn’t cost more than 20g.

Superior Striking
This will increase your white damage immensely. Allowing for harder hits is amazing, especially when you figure over time this will do more damage than Lifestealing and Crusader. I have tested this and I loved it. Unfortunately for me, I rarely have a healer on my side and the benefit of Lifestealing far outweighs that of extra damage.

Icy Chill
Here is a fun one. I rarely see twinks pull out a weapon with this on it. I only use it when I see a 19 hunter closing in, and as soon as it procs (or the hunter gets away) I switch it out again. The other time I have this is when I am on defense and a few of the opposing faction are coming over. If it is evident that I am NOT going to be able to kill them (i.e. more than 3 of them) I will throw this on and whack away at the flag carrier. It should proc atleast once before I die, and that is more than enough to slow them down to a pace where my team can catch them and get our flag back.

Step 8: Engineering/fishing
Here is another choice you must make. Are you going to level engineering to 150 or are you going to hope to get lucky and win the STV Fishing contest and get the Lucky Fishing Hat? I have both, and I would suggest you start off with the Engineering hat. To get to 150 engineering will require a large amount of copper, tin, and purchased materials from the vendor. There is a wonderful engineering guide on under the Professions Forum. Check it out for the fastest and cheapest engineering method to 150 (and 300…) The STV fishing hat has almost double the stamina as the engineering hat, but it is by pure luck you will be able to get the hat. To try it, level your fishing up to 150 buy some lures (recommend 225 fishing for 100% catch rate) and hope to god you catch the rare fish before anybody else does. It will probably take a few weeks at minimum! The added benefit of Engineering is the ability to make bombs that stun other players and inflict damage upon them.

Step 9: Librams

+200 Health (2x Libram of Constitution)
You will need to buy two Librams of Constitution and have a high level friend who can gather the items you need to complete the quest. The items for the quest (besides the Libram) are:

1x Black Diamond
4x Dragon's Breath
1x Lung Juice Cocktail

(remember that is only for 1 libram and you are going to need 2)

The Black diamonds can be bought off the AH for about a gold a piece. The Dragon’s Breath is from a quest line in Felwood starting with “Cleansing Felwood” and the Lung Juice cocktail is a quest in Blasted Lands named “A Boars Vitality.” Both are repeatable quests, so they can do them as many times as needed to obtain all the reagents for the Librams. Once they have gathered the reagents, they need to go to Dire Maul to turn in the quest and get the Lesser Arcanum of Constitution. Once this is completed, meet up with them in game and open the trade window and place your Leggings of the Fang and your Green Tinted Goggles in the DO not trade window and have them enchant your armor. And make sure you give them a decent tip….they just put in a lot of work.

+16 Agility (2x Libram of Voracity)
You will need to buy two Libram of Voracities and have ahigh level friend assist you in finishing the quest.

1x Black Diamond
8x Crystal Force
30 Gold

Obtaining two of these will increase your dodge, attack power, and crit chance by a good amount. This is what agility based rogues go for.

+2% Dodge (Libram of Protection)
You will need to buy two Libram of Protections and have a high level friend assist you in finishing the quest.
For each Libram you will need:
1x Black Diamond
1x Abomination Stitching
4x Large Brillant Shards
The benefit of 1% dodge is huge. At level 19 that translates into just under 5% dodge. SO, effectively if you had two of these you would raise your dodge by about 10%. The downside is you are not going to dodge a spell, so if a druid is moonfire spamming your or a mage is frostbolting you, there is no reason to have these. But, for those times when you are getting whacked by all 10 rogues from the other team,if youhave this and pop evasion, your dodge will be through the roof and give you a good chance of getting away.
I have 1% on an extra set of Green Tinted Goggles for while I am running the flag. It works out very well.

Step 10: Enjoy!
Well now that you have all of your gear go out and start slashing at some horde/alliance!

Since you only have 10 talent points to spend, you need to spend them wisely. The most common builds include points in some of these talents:

Improved Gouge
Improved Sinister Strike
Lightning Reflexes
Improved Backstab

Some common builds are:
5/5 Malice
5/5 Lightning Reflexes

5/5 Malice
2/2 Sinister Strike
3/3 Imp. Gouge

5/5 Lightning Reflexes
2/2 Sinister Strike
3/3 Imp. Gouge

A few rogues I know go into their second tier trees. This way they can get Precision and improved backstab. I personally love Improved gouge, the utility of it is amazing. Having a 5.5 second gouge is incredible. You can bandage yourself, get away, or allow your friends to catch up with this. And for going against hunters, the extra 1.5 seconds allows you to get fully out of range of their concussive shot.

Dealing with Hunters
As a twink rogue, there is only one class that can beat us 99% of the time if they are twinked. Those are hunters. They can and will kite you from one side of the map to the other, and more than likely you wont be able to get more than one hit off if they are good. Hunters have two kiting abilities given to them at before level 19 and those are Concussive Shot and Wing Clip. Concussive Shot will slow you by 50% for 4 seconds and Wing Clip will slow you by 50% for 10 seconds. On top of that, one of the most popular twink pets is the boar, which will charge you and stun you for 1 second. This is ample time for the hunter to make up lost ground and get away. AND, if speccd into Marksmanship, the hunter can have a 20% chance to stun you for 3 seconds with his Concussive Shot. All of this makes a hunter one incredible rogue killer. Thankfully, most non-twink hunters are horrible PVPers, so they do not understand kiting and can easily be taken down. They also tend to run out of mana quickly, which means it will be a melee fight (which rogues will win 100% of the time). But for going against twink hunters, there are two methods. First, don’t. As soon as that hunter mark gets up on your head, turn and run directly away from the hunter (and preferably into a group of your team). Hunters can not take on more than one player effectively, and if you and another twink rogue are going at one together, it will be easy. He can’t kite both of you efficiently. The second method is for going against hunters that attempt to do the Wing Clip kiting method. This is usually done by using Concussive shot first, then not moving. When you get close enough they will wing clip you, run away, concussive shot you, and repeat. This is incredibly dumb on their part. Wait to get close to them, and pop evasion. You should have no less than 75% chance to dodge his wing clip, and now it is a melee fight. You should win.

Appendix A: Armor

Green Tinted Goggles – Obtained from 150 Engineering

Lucky Fishing Hat – Obtained from winning the weekly STV fishing tournament
Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat – Nearly Impossible to get. Requires Hated with Booty Bay

Talbar Mantle – Clear every druid of the fang boss in WC then initiate the event at the entrance to the cave by talking to the Tauren. Escort quest then battle.

Grey/white trash – If you can not obtain the Talbar mantle, look for the highest valued leather armor value on a grey/white should piece.

Sentry Cloak – World Drop

Glowing Lizardscale Cloak – Drop off Skum in WC

Blackened Defias Armor – Drop off Van Cleef in Deadmines

Tunic of Westfall – VC quest reward

Forest Leather Bracers – Uncommon World Drop

Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”

Scouting Gloves of the Monkey – Uncommon World Drop

Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”
Red Whelp Gloves – Pattern bought off Wenna Silkbeard in Wetlands. Limited Supply

Deviate Scale Belt – Pattern for quest starts above WC entrance in the cave. Mats found only in WC

Leggings of the Fang – Drop off Lord Cobrahn in WC. Only boss to the left when entering WC.

Feet of the Lynx – World Drop

Footpads of the Fang – Lord Serpentis in WC

Seal of Sylvanas – “Arugal Must Die” quest for SFK obtained at level 18 for horde only.
Begins in Sepulcher from Dalar Dawnweaver. Requires you to kill Arugal, the final boss in SFK.

Seal of Wrynn – Alliance only, quest “An Audience with the King”
Blood Ring – Uncommon World Drop
Any green “of the monkey” or “of Stamina” or “of Agility”
WSG ring

Meadow Ring of Eluding – Green drop

WSG neck

Arena Grand Master – Quest for winning the STV arena event 12 times
PVP trinket – 4k+ honor required
Minor Recombobulator – 140 Engineering
Gnome only – Ice Deflector

Appendix B: Weapons

Shadowfang – Very rare SFK drop off any trash or bosses.

Cruel Barb – Drop off Van Cleef in Deadmines.
Assasin Blade – Very Rare drop in SFK off trash or bosses.
Wingblade – Quest in WC to kill all the bosses. Starts with “Hamuul Runetotem” from Tonga Runetotem in The Barrens. Questline. (Horde Only)
Skeletal Club
WSG Sword

Assasin Blade – Very Rare drop in SFK off trash or bosses.
Ironpatch Blade – Rare World Drop
Nightwatch Shortsword – Rare World Drop
Cruel Barb
Stinging Viper

Scout’s Blade

Ranged (All with +2 dmg Scopes)
Lil Timmy’s Peashooter – Rare World Drop
Venomstrike – Lord Serpentis in Wailing Caverns

Appendix C: Warsong Gulch Rewards Pricelist
Ring: 95 Honor 20 Marks
Neck: 95 Honor 20 Marks
Sword: 315 Honor 30 Marks
Dagger 315 Honor 30 Marks
Bow: 315 Honor 30 Marks
Tabard 60 Marks
Total 1135 Honor 190 Marks

Appendix D: Addons
Itemrack :
Itemrack is a great addon for changing between gear (in our case weapons). You can keybind an entire outfit for quick swapping. If you want to switch from sword to dagger in your main hand you can set up a keybind for that, and when you want to switch back, you can do the same.

Killing Blow Announcer! :
This is by no means a necessary add-on, but it does add some entertainment. It will tell you when YOU have the killing blow against an enemy. No more checking the Scorecard everytime you and a bunch of friends are whacking away!

Appendix C: Common Macros
This is just a compilation of the common macros I have keybound that will assist me in WSG. These are for the horde side of the field, so if your alliance, not all of these will apply.
These are to tell my team where they are taking our flag
/bg West side RAMP
/bg East side GRAVEYARD
/bg Tunnel CENTER
/bg Our flag is on their roof
/bg Our flag is on their second floor
/bg Our flag is in their flag room

These are what I use after I grab the flag
/bg I am going RAMP
/bg I am going TUNNEL
/bg I am going GRAVEYARD
/bg Please assist me

If my sprint is not up and there is another rogue with me before I get to the flag
/s If your Sprint is up, please take the flag.

I also have this:
/bg LEAVE THE BOOTS for times when we are about to grab the flag so our flag carrier can get the boost in speed.

I am not the type of player to have all the /lol, /taunt, and /chicken commands, but feel free to use them. I do, however, have:
Keybound. I use it when a player puts up a good fight. All twinks should feel good for putting up a good fight and should be honored for that.

Appendix D: Level 19 Equality Chart
Credit given to Fony, one of the best advocate twinks I have had the pleasure of playing against.
The database below is how much of what equals 1% at 19 and 29
--------- WepS 0.53 ---- Defe 0.32 --- Dodge 2.54 --- Parry 4.23 --- Block 1.06 ---- M-Hit 2.12 --- M-Crit 2.96 ---- M-Hst 2.12 --- S-Hit 1.69 ---- S-Crit 2.96 ---- S-Hst 2.12 ---- Resil 5.29

I can not stress enough what those numbers mean. If you have an item that says 1% dodge, at level 19 it equates to about 4.5% dodge. Using that, I have seen rogues get up to 77% UNBUFFED dodge. That is without popping evasion. I have mine at just over 50% so that I can pop evasion and have nothing hit me. It's awesome to duel level 60's. For 15 seconds they cant hit me by just swinging. (It's also a great way to make gold....challenge one to 60 and put a wager on them not being able to damage you by just swinging for 15 seconds...just amke sure they don't have a proccing weapon!)

One last note.
If you want to have something that I can guarantee less than .1% of all twinks have, you will need to get Bloodsail’s Admiral Hat. You will need to kill Booty Bay guards (and lots of them) and all the goblin leaders in BB in order to be able to obtain this hat. But it is one crazy nice hat for a twink, and I have NEVER EVER seen a twink (or any player for that matter) with one.

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Ok - I know bold is in... I am making a pure agi/dodge rogue (can't touch this & crit master). I am going to have to save up quite a bit of gold... like maybe 300g. I will farm my own blades, as soon as I decide which ones I want. I will also farm my mats for enchants if possible. I will need some help farming the bind on pick-up gear from DM/VC and WC. I don't want any exp from the runs, so I will probably make a deal with a higher lvl player (probably trading off the favor for somone else trying to make a twink) - but clear everything but the bosses- then bring in the twink and so all they get is the exp from the boss kill and the drop. Ecn skins, so I can solo WC for the scales and iì is a leatherworker, so if I can get the patern for the belt I can probably make some nice gold making them in the future.

Gonna take some time, but ah... not like blizz is closing their doors anytime soon.

(PS - the high lvl partner trade off runs is you bold.... anyone else who wants in just let me know)

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Post by Disapears » Tue Feb 06, 2007 7:32 pm

thanks a bunch ecn:)

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Post by zephar » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:10 pm

Rogues are gay fyi
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Post by Disapears » Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:15 pm

Ya, im actually making 1 and taking him to BB and the barrens at lvl 1 just so i got the fp for later.

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Post by Ecnailla » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:20 pm

Bold and I both have our Leggings of the Fang. Bold has one of his blades- I can make the belt and farm the mats very easy. I think Con is going to make a twink warrior - this is looking good : )

If anyone else wants in just let us know - we may even start a twink guild if we have enough people. A druid would be cool... you could use the same stamina stuff a stamina rouge could, but you could heal flag runners too... dmg wouldn't be quite up there, but it might appeal to someone. : )

I wouldn't recomend priest, mage or warlock- if your in less than leather you'll probably get two shotted. Rouge, hunter and warrior are the obvious top slots, but druid, shammy and pally are all welcome - healers in mail/leather ftw! : )

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Post by Ecnailla » Wed Feb 14, 2007 6:50 pm

FYI twinks cost money.

lots of money.

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Post by Disapears » Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:59 pm

NO! Your just poor.

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Post by Ecnailla » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:35 pm

true story...

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Post by Elvenbane » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:29 am

eh, my twink's in the 20's bracket. Hell of a lot cheaper to twink a 29 than a 19 as the good stuff is bop
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Post by Gadera » Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:21 am

Elvenbane wrote:eh, my twink's in the 20's bracket. Hell of a lot cheaper to twink a 29 than a 19 as the good stuff is bop
mmm.. that was so fun slicing everyone up into nice neat little filets with you when I took a break in that bracket with Isana. YaWA leading the PvP boards FTW

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Post by Merawynn » Thu Feb 15, 2007 2:40 am

I used to have a twink druid, lots of fun. And you can twink a 19 mage, ask Cheezy sometime about his twink on Dalaran. She was evil and the Horde hated him.

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