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Rogue pvp spec

Post by hell » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:41 pm

Well ive been doing pvp for awhile so i have seen all the pros and cons of rogue specs sooo... Turns out i love mace spec; mace spec consists of like almost all your points into sub and enough points in combat to get mace specialization if ya want a more indepth spec you will have to talk to me about points other than that yea mace spec owns, mutilates great but all it seems like is burst damage and after the vanish is down and the target youre attacking knows where you are you are bascily screwed. And with mutilate alot of targets are almost impossible to take down
Ex: ret pally, they bubble after you have vanished and all of your poisons are off of them in the first place from thier abolish poison
So just go mace its alot easier

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