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nihilum's rogue raiding guide

Post by Palehorse » Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:56 pm ... gue_guide/
This guide is made based on a Combat Rogue's experience. Regarding Mutilate I can't give you any tips or advices since I have never felt the urge to try it out.

Talent tree

Priority for stats:
1. Hit
2. Critical Strike
3. Attack Power

Talent tree

Priority for stats:
1. Hit
2. Attack Power
3. Critical Strike

Typical Start of a Rotation

Start with whatever Special Attack you using and use your combo point on a Slice and Dice. Start building up combo points and make sure that Slice and Dice is ALWAYS on. A typical start of your rotation would be like this:

Special Attack >> Slice and Dice >> Special Attack x 2 >> Slice and Dice

Now lets say you have 5 Combo Points and 10 seconds left on your Slice and Dice. You can use the 5 combo points on a rupture or a eviscerate and start building up Slice and Dice again with a 1/2 combo point.

Rupture vs Eviscerate

Rupture vs Eviscerate has been up to debate alot. Rupture with Mangle provides a secured amount of damage while with Eviscerate you can be lucky to get a high crit off on your target, but still isnt a reliable source to steady dps. Apart from that remember that Rupture (25 Energy) requires less energy to use than Eviscerate (35 Energy) does. I will recommend you to use Rupture, but feel free to play around with a eviscerate now and then (once you got good stats) since you can be lucky and get some really good crits off on your target. Also make sure to only use rupture when you are sure it will run the entire duration. So dont use a 5 combo point Rupture on a target that will die within 5-10 seconds. Use Eviscerate there and in general use Eviscerate on trash mobs.

Hit Rating is your most important stat. While you wanna strive to get as much Hit Rating as possible you got to make sure you dont neglect other stats such as Attack Power + Critical Strike Rating. Aim to get at least 310 Hit Rating, the more the better as long as you make sure you don't compromise other basic stats which you need.

You should always have this on you:

Flask of Relentless Assault
Elixir of Major Agility
Elixir of Major Fortitude
Haste Potions
Thistle Tea
Warp Burgers (20 Agility) / Grilled Mudfishs (20 Agility)
Talbuk Steaks (20 Stamnia)
Spicy Hot Talbuk (20 Hit Rating)

Flask vs Elixirs?

Some prefer using Flask, some prefer using the Elixir combo. It all depends what you need. Low on crit? Use the elixir combo. Low on ap? Use the Flask of Relentless Assault.


Regarding food if you are capped on hit go for Grilled Mudfish or Warp Burger which is the 20 Agility & Spirit food, if you are not capped on hit go for Spicy Hot Talbuk which grants you 20 hit rating, that is the only dps food you should ever use, forget about the 20 Strengh or 40 Attack Power food. If the fight requires high stamnia you can always consume some stamnia food instead of.

Haste Potion(s) / Thistle Tea

Haste Potions is a great additional source to extra PvE damage. Make sure you always bring enough for every boss encounter in whatever instance you are doing. However make sure to only use them in situations where you know you wont need your Healing/Protection Potion timer since they share the same cooldown. In fights where you don't need to save the timer for Healing/Protection Potions use it each time your cooldown is up.

The same rules applies for Thistle Tea.


With Shaman:

Go for Instant or Deadly Poison in offhand which in my experience will give the most additional damage.

Without Shaman:

Go for Instant Poison in Main hand and go for Deadly Poison in offhand.


My tip will be that you go with Executioner in mainhand and Mongoose in the offhand.

If you are able to get enough Arena Points (and personal rating) for 2 Mainhand S3 weapons, i would recommend you get one with Mongoose and one with Executioner. Myself personally i tend to switch around depends on fights and depending on if i have a feral druid in my group and i like having the opportunity to swap around.


Primary choice for PvE rogues is the Surefooted enchant which will provide you with 10 Hit Rating & 5% Snare Resist (Click here for reagents).


Go for 15 Agility. Make sure you dont cheap out and go for 26 Attack Power since you will gain alot more with the 15 Agility since it scales with Blessing of Kings.

The gems are placed in a order so that one is suggest the most is on top, the one below it will be the 2nd best I suggest etc. Keep in mind that you need 2 red, yellow & blue gems to get the meta gem works.

Keep in mind that unless the Socket Bonus is really good there is no need to socket it accordingly to the socket colors.

Keep in mind that gems like Glinting Noble Topaz can count as both your red and yellow gem.

I will also include the Black Temple gems to the list since there will be a big possibility for you to purchase them from guilds that's running Black Temple. The gems from Black Temple will be marked in bold green.

Rigid Lionseye (+10 Hit Rating)
Matches a Yellow Socket.

Glinting Pyrestone (+5 Hit Rating & +5 Agility)
Matches a Red or Yellow Socket.

Rigid Dawnstone (+8 Hit Rating)
Matches a Yellow Socket.

Glinting Noble Topaz (+4 Hit Rating & +4 Agility)
Matches a Red or Yellow Socket.

Delicate Crimson Spinel (+10 Agility)
Matches a Red Socket.

Wicked Pyrestone (+5 Critical Strike Rating and +10 Attack Power)
Matches a Red or Yellow Socket.

Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst +5 Agility and +7 Stamina
"Matches a Red or Blue Socket."

Balanced Shadowsong Amethyst (+10 Attack Power and +7 Stamina)
Matches a Red or Blue Socket.

Jagged Seaspray Emerald (+5 Critical Strike Rating and +7 Stamina)
Matches a Blue or Yellow Socket.

Jagged Talasite (+4 Critical Strike Rating and +6 Stamina)
Matches a Blue or Yellow Socket.

Since there is limited meta gems to choose from, the only one I recommend you to use is the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond which provides you with 12 agility & 3% increased damage for your critical strikes.

I'm gonna post what I would find most useful. Since I don't find Engineering useful I haven't mentioned anything about it. Also I haven't mentioned anything about Herbalism, Skinning or Mining since I personally don't enjoy farming nor do I need to. Should you enjoy farming one of those would be a great 2nd profession. However;

Enchanting is a must have for every rogue. The +2 weapon damage on each ring will provide you with the extra damage you might have been lacking. Apart from that being able to disenchant stuff can give you quite a big income from selling it on Auction House or simply just bank it for future usage.

Leatherworking is another profession that can be useful to have. The Drums of Battle that increases your party's Haste Rating by 80 for 30 seconds is a great raid utility. There is also a great chance that blizzard will add new patterns in 2.4 like they did with the Black Temple patch.

Like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing can be a great thing to have from a personal point of view for the weapons you can craft, as well as it can be handy to have for your guild if you ever need for example resist gear crafted for your tanks. As with Leatherworking there is a chance for Blizzard to introduce new patterns in 2.4 for new weapons etc.

Keep in mind that this is posted from a Combat Rogue's point of view. For a Mutilate Rogue I am sure that this list will be different. The first trinket I post will be the one I suggest the most, the one below it will be the 2nd best I suggest etc.

Take this list more as a guideline. Don't aim for Madness of the Betrayer if your guild is doing SSC/Karazhan ect

[Madness of the Betrayer] (Illidari Council) - Black Temple
[Dragonspine Trophy] (Gruul the Dragonkiller) - Gruuls Lair
[Tsunami Talisman] (Leotheras the Blind) - Serpentshrine Cavern
[Warp-Spring Coil] (Void Reaver - Tempest Keep)
[Ashtongue Talisman of Lethality] (Reputation, Ashtongue Dreadsworn Exalted)
[Berserker's Call] (Zul'jin - Zul'Aman)
[Icon of Unyielding Courage] (Keli'dan the Breaker) - Heroic Blood Furnace
[Bloodlust Brooch] (Badge Reward, 41 Badges)
[Romulo's Poison Vial] (Opera Event) - Karazhan
[Hourglass of the Unraveller] (Temporus) - The Black Morass
[Abacus of Violent Odds] (Pathaleon the Calculator) - The Mechanar

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