WotLK Hit Rating

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WotLK Hit Rating

Post by Gig » Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:08 pm

Some interesting things i've found. enjoy....

Hit rating changed in WotLK. Because Windfury is no longer a proc, and due to poison scaling and critting, hit rating is no longer as desirable as it once was. The "white hit cap" that many rogues worshiped in BC is not only effectively unattainable, but it's likely not desirable to even try to gear to hit it.

There are three milestones for hit: yellow hit, poison (spell) hit, and white hit. Only the first two are of practical concern to raiding rogues in WotLK.

First: Hit rating converts at the rate of 32.79 rating/1% melee hit, and at the rate of 26.232 rating/1% spell hit. Additionally, a draenei in your party grants 1% spell/melee hit.

Yellow hit: You have a 8% chance to miss against level 83 bosses. This is down from 9% in Burning Crusade, and has been exhaustively tested. All of our specials are melee attacks. You need:

66 hit rating with a Draenei party member and precision

99 hit rating with precision, or

263 hit rating without precision

This is a minimum hit that must be maintained at all times for PVE. If you are under this hit cap, you are severely damaging your DPS potential.

Poison hit: Poisons are spells. Spells have a 17% chance to miss versus a boss. Additionally, a shadow priest/moonkin provides 3% spell hit to your raid. Precision also increases your chance to hit with spells by 5%. You need:

210 hit rating to poison cap with a moonkin/shadow priest in the raid and a Draenei in the party.

237 hit rating to poison cap with a moonkin/shadow priest in the raid without a Draenei in the party.

315 hit rating to poison cap without a moonkin/shadow priest/Draenei

446 hit rating to poison cap without a moonkin/shadow priestDraenei/precision

The poison cap should be ideally reached for raiding by slotting agi/hit gems in yellow sockets, provided that the piece has an offensive socket bonus, up to the poison hit cap. It is quite easy to hit this cap if you have a +spell hit debuff in the raid. Most any 25-man raid should assume the presence of that debuff, making your 25-man poison hit cap either 210 or 237 depending on group composition. This is a general target cap, but this is not a hard cap. You can go over it and still get benefit (albeit diminished) from hit. In general, gem agi/hit or ap/hit in yellow sockets until you reach 9% spell hit, and then gem agi/crit or ap/crit. You should never gem hit in red or blue sockets unless you're under the 8% melee special hit cap (refer to the previous list for melee special cap ratings!). If the piece has a Stamina socket bonus, gem agi or AP in the socket, even if you're under the poison hit cap.

White hit: White hit refers to autoattacks. Autoattacks have the base 8% chance to miss, plus a 19% dual-wield penalty, requiring 27% hit to fully eliminate them. You need:

689 hit rating with precision, and with a Draenei

722 hit rating with precision, but without a Draenei

886 hit rating without precision or a Draenei

You absolutely do not need to hit this cap. In fact, it's not possible to do so without utterly gimping yourself.

There is a single caveat: If you are Mutilate, and are running best-in-slot gear, then hit rating becomes one of your more valuable stats, due to poison scaling. If you have to worry about that, though, you probably know your hit rating stuff already, though!

Additionally, expertise and hit do not interact. They have similar functions, but accomplish it in different ways.

You need 26 expertise (not rating) to eliminate boss dodges.Weapon Expertise and racials will count towards this value on your character sheet. Anything past 26 expertise is completely wasted for raid DPS, and should be avoided.

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Post by Gig » Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:22 pm

also, for you PVP heads...

PVP hit (Specials) cap is 79, however it is advisable you are above that in PVP environments.

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Post by Lealla » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:14 pm

You may wish to consider linking to this thread, although I omitted poison hit cap from the list to avoid clutter and assumed 8.6% as the base miss chance for melee.

It's also interesting to note that poisons can crit, although their default crit chance is at or below zero. With Moonkin Aura/Elemental Oath, however, plus Heart of the Crusader/Totem of Wrath debuffs on the mob, you can see poison crits.

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