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3.1 changes and info

Post by Gig » Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:03 pm

this was taken from a post in the Rogue forums. i thought some of you might find this an interesting read. Enjoy!

There are Lots of rogue changes going live 3.1 (roughly April 7th) that affect every spec. I'll try to sum them up as best I can here.
If you see anything you agree with assume that it was pulled from multiple sources (Aldriana, Vulajin, etc) and if you see anything you don't like, blame me
-I'm covering this almost Strictly from a PVE point of view:

We are seeing several glyph additions, and changes, though no big impacts Unless you are Mutilate.
Glyph of Fan of Knives, adding 20% will be great on trash, but trash DPS doesn't matter, and as this will be a major glyph, we will not have room to take it.
Glyph of AR will now increase duration by 5 sec instead of lowering CD by 60 - but again, no room for the glyph
Glyph of Mutilate - reduces the cost of Mutilate by 5, making anyone with 4/5 T7 Mutilates cost only 52 Energy - a must have Glyph
Glyph of HfB - increases the damage bonus of HfB by 3% (making it a total of 18%), again, a Must have for Mutilate.
(Glyph of Envenom) - this was the Glyph that was going to change everything, I said from the very onset that it was the sinlge most OP glyph the game had ever seen. Blizzard recognized that as well and has REMOVED GLYPH OF ENVENOM FROM THE GAME

So what does this mean? Well, if your combat, you'll still want to run glyphs of SnD, Rupture, and SS.
if you are Mutilate though, you will now want to run glyphs of HfB, Mutilate, and Rupture (putting 1 pt out of precision and into imp SnD for the same effect).

Talent/Ability Changes:
Deadly Poison has had its AP modifier incresed (buffing the damage of Deadly Poison)
Instant Poison has been changed to Proc Per Minute (Much more on this below in "The Meat" section).
Lightning Reflexes: now a 3pt talent that increases melee haste by 10% (about 330 haste rating. =Win.)
Adrenaline Rush: Cooldown lowered to 3 minutes
Savage Combat: physical damage done to all targets you have poisoned increased from 2% to 4% (Free "Murder")
Killing Spree: Now increases the rogue's damage by 20% while active

Imp Poisons: now increases the frequency you will apply Instant Poison by 50%
Envenom (ability, not talent): Now increases your chance to proc instant poison by 75% during envenom buff uptime
Master Poisoner: Now increases the chance to apply deadly poison by an additional 45% during your Envenom Buff uptime
HfB: Now does Not stack, only 1 "charge", increases damage done by 15% (up from 12%), only costs 15 energy (down from 30) but only becomes "castable" while your target has a bleed
effect on it (from any source - does not have to be Your bleed effect).

The meat:
*Lightning reflexes is now THE DPS talent for combat.
Though I previously believed that it would also be the clear winner for Mutilate as well (making a 51/18/2 spec) PTR tests show that 51/13/7 still outshines it (now with the IP PPM change) However, I'd reserve judgment between the 2 for live and/or more extensive testing

*For Mutilate builds, Fast/Fast dual WD is no longer the winner. With IP being changed to PPM we're back to wanting as slow a mainhand as we can get (Sinister Revenge becoming BiS now)
With that said, even though Master Poisoner now grants an additional 45% chance to apply DP during Envenom buff proc, Aldriana confirms that a fast offhand (WD) is still a better source of DPS then a slow offhand (SR).

*PPM makes poisons even better for combat now with the 2.5, 2.6, even 2.7 mainhands. Also, remember that Haste does not count against the PPM weapon speed so if you have a 2.6 speed Fist but you have enough haste to make it 2.2, you will hit faster, but still get the PPM procs based off having a 2.6 speed weapon.

*Loss of the Envenom Glyph takes us away from the Envenom Spam-no rupture model back to 4pt cycles of rupture/CttC Envenom for mutilate (bringing the Rupture glyph ahead of SnD glyph as stated above).
However, even with the loss of the Envenom Glyph, I still see DP offhand envenom finisher taking its place in the combat cycles now over WP/WP evisc.

Talent Builds and "rotations":
Mutilate Will now focus on a slow, hard hitting Mainhand dagger and a fast, high DPS offhand dagger. It will still be a 51/13/7 build, but will have a few points moved around: Fleet Footed points will be moved to Murder and Turn the Tables points will be moved to Master Poisoner (probably, though this one is not "required"), and moving 1 pt from Precision into Imp SnD for easier rotations (though again, this is only if YOU find YOU are unable to maintain the cycle now without the SnD glyph). The "rotation" (which is Not one - but a list of priorities) will remain largely the same (HfB maximized, SnD 100% uptime by use of Envenom CttC, Rupture a 95% uptime - when you will not lose either of the first 2) the changes come in with HfB now Not being able to be Pre-cast and only able to be cast when there is a bleed on the target. Making your rupture that much more important depending on your raid Comp (DPS Warriors, Marks hunters, Feral druids, other rogues rupturing, etc.):

Mutilate lightning reflexes: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=f0ef0exoVboIuVo0tm0xcZ0b

Combat-Traditional: Combat will now Heavily favor Fist/Dagger CQC builds (Calamity's Grasp/Webbed Death) with your 3 best points being spend in Lightning Reflexes - thus killing multi-weapon specs

Combat-Poisons: This build will take advantage of the PPM changes to IP and the AP bonus to DP (as well as the somewhat lackluster bottom of the combat tree). With these changes you will have close to the same poison output as Mutilate (same talents minus Master Poisoner, more "specials" attacked, and you trade the 15/18% HfB bonus for slower mainhand weapons for your PPM IP):

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