Rogue Tricks vs Group of Mobs

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Rogue Tricks vs Group of Mobs

Post by Guide » Wed Mar 15, 2006 1:11 pm

I am kind of intrigued by some of rogue abilities that make me feel like rolling a rogue next. I have never played a rogue past level 20, so the following tricks are all by observation not experience. As you can see all of these tricks listed are group related.

Delaying Patrol Group
I know this can be done. When you are fighting a mob and a patrol group is coming, you can buy yourself time by placing a distract on the patrol group.

Separating a Patrol Group
This might not work for all patrols. By placing a distract on part of a patrol group, you can separate them. The undistracted ones would continue walking, while the distracted ones would stay where they are. You end up with 2 smaller patrol groups.

Improved Sap
I haven't seen this done for awhile, so not sure if it still works. You used to be able to separate a mob from a group with improved sap. After sapping, pull the rest of the group. When sap fades, the sapped mob would be unaware that his companions have left/died.

Abort a pull with Vanish
When rogue is pulling and the pull is undesirable, the rogue can immediately vanish, the group would go back to it's position. (Hunters can also use feign death to do the same trick, however feign death can be resisted)

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