Bohs a Noobit!

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Bohs a Noobit!

Post by Fenix » Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:22 pm

Anyways now that we got that covered. I back after like... more then half a year and im just woundering... wat is the best talents to go now cus i dunno. im 50 (cheer) and in desturtion. i like it but i dunno if its good.

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Post by Palehorse » Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:07 am

if you were reading a couple other threads your question would've been answered =P

Anyway, I'll give ya a short recap. Affliction is good for DoTs. It emphasizes damage so + damage is more important than crits, and threatwise the changed Imp. Drain Soul makes it worth getting. Offhand I can think of 2 problems going Aff: first, because of the DoT nerf, (base?) damage of Corruption and Agony is down 10%, which means that you're dealing less damage than pre-2.0. The other thing to consider is that threatwise it's harder to control threat with DoTs ticking away (since you can't dispell or cancel them yourself).

Demonology....the main benefit of this raidwise is to either sack your pet with Demonic Sacrifice, or to take the opposite route for master Demo (not sure how good this latter approach is). In practice you'd have to be careful because it's going to be a pain sacking your pet if groups/raids want you to be imp bitch and have blood pact. 0/21/40 arguably gives you the highest damage if you're not going to be keeping imp out.

Destruction....tends to give you high (and burst) damage, esp with conflagrate. You can do alot of damage with high crit chance. The main drawbacks to going destro is that it's mana intensive, and can easily generate too much aggro/threat if you're not careful.

As for builds it seems 41/0/20 or 17/0/44 seem to be recommended, though I've also seen a few thinking 20/0/41 or 21/0/40. So I'd say go Aff or Destro.

a few interesting links on builds: (pre-TBC so just 50 pt builds)

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