Maximizing raid dps

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Maximizing raid dps

Post by Tasia » Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:19 pm

Ok my fellow loks, i'd like to start some chatter about builds, gear, etc. for maximum dps. I guess to start i'm going to talk about my build and I'd like ya'll to add any critisism and share your builds as well.

Demo 40, destro 21. Basically I like this build because I have comperable nuking ability to a full destro lok (critt nuke 3.5k-4.2k ish) plus the ability to have thhe imp out for 20% aggro reduction. Reason I picked the build is that I noticed that I came up to the tanks aggro limit pretty quick even as an afflic spec. In groups with a paly for blessing of salvation I can chain nuke and not pull aggro when imp is out. Downside of this build is my mana runs dry pretty quick but with a healer tossing a heal to me every now and again liftap mitigates this.

My gear focuses on bonus dmg and + crit rating, more heavily on the bonus damage, atm attain +995 self buff spell damage (not imp pet) and 18.6%ish crit rating (23.6% destro crit rating). Down side is i'm a little weak on sta. How important is Sta? Should i give up some other stats for stamina? at 8.9khp atm self buffed no imp

So again, what builds you guys using? what do you focus on for gear? I've found the build that i have is good for groups and pvp at the same time. Havn't had a chance to try it in raid yet.

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Post by Palehorse » Wed Jul 11, 2007 2:20 am

Off the top of my head I think almost every 70 warlock in the guild other than me is specc'd demo (*edit* I was wrong, a few other warlocks are also). I stuck with aff mostly for simplicity; I had drain-tanked lvling up so I was used to doing tons of dots. It's also pretty straightforward; just dot in a raid, and occasionally fire a shadowbolt when nightfall procs (although in raids to push up my dps I spam it more). Because I'm aff I can also focus on maximizing + dmg, and making crit %, hit %, stam, and mana secondary concerns. My dps would prob be higher if I went demo but I'd also have to be even more obsessed with threatmeter.

For gear I've pretty much emphasized + dmg and crit, and gone 3/3 shadowweave and 2/2 spellstrike (although I might sell 1 of the items and get a 2nd one made with profits) since I don't think we'll be making progress on 25-man anytime soon.

From what I understand about demo (and I'm still learning so feel free to comment/criticize), it's much more demanding than simply watching dot timers, and you do have more options when it comes to pets and raid utility. You can either use demonic sacrifice to get rid of the pet and get a buff, or keep the pet for certain bonuses. It also seems to be more flexible in either a pvp or pve setting. The downside is that you have to worry more in AOE or LOS boss fights, and you're in trouble if your pet dies.

Aff and demo are pretty much the only viable pve raid builds. If you're raiding, and your pet does die alot I suggest taking out the 3 points in intellect and putting them in fel domination so that you don't miss a beat and can quickly revive your dead pet. Stam is pretty important because you can lifetap more, and also are more likely to survive AOE or nukes from bosses/trash mobs (while in kara I think you get zapped maybe 2k from some bosses, 25 man bosses will no doubt go higher to 3-5k). Not sure how 9k stacks up but you're alot better than me; 7.2k unbuffed (no points in demonic sacrifice).
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Post by lillix » Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:41 pm

aff/destro ftw! that's my current build. i wanted a hybrid build that i could use for both pvp and pve (solo and raids), and so far this build's worked like a charm.

my raid build yes, i'll be the first to admit it - my burst damage isn't all that stellar. but hey, it's still pretty decent. trash mobs don't last more than 10 or 15 seconds... my kickass dots don't run their full course, but i can get off 3 or 4 SBs and a shadowburn. but trash mobs are just that... trash. the fights aff/demo locks really shine in are the ones that truly matter: boss fights! i've never gone OOM in a boss fight. ever. life tap+drain life/siphon life/lolcoil and dark pact give me all the mana i need to keep refreshing my dots and spamming my nukes. i always have corruption on the boss, so NF procs pretty frequently. it's not uncommon to have NF proc 3 times in a row, one after another. that's 3 instantaneous nukes.

anyways, if you're looking to maximize raid dps, check whether it's worth your while to throw up shadows or elements. if you're looking to maximize personal dps, stick to agony or doom.

as to gear... in order of preference: +shadow damage, +damage, +spell crit, +spell penetration, +stam and then +int.

and since you're interested in maximizing dps... i found out the hard way that a dead lock does ZERO dps. beg pallies for salvation and always keep a finger hovering over your soulshatter hotkey!!! oh... and watch ktm if you have time to spare. i heard it's a useful addon... :lol:

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Post by Lealla » Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:22 pm

Put up Curse of Shadows when I'm in the raid. Pretty please. ^_^

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Post by Palehorse » Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:30 pm

Curse really shines when you have multiple warlocks or other shadow/arcane damage dealers (moonkin and hunters come to mind). In kara I'm amenable to throwing up CoS or rarely, CoE, but in 5-man or when soloing I tend to go CoA to maximize personal dps.

Only other thing Jassie forgot to mention that we should beg for is a shadow priest in the group. Vamp embrace ftw ;D

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