Warlock class discussion.

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Post by Palehorse » Mon Feb 11, 2008 10:26 pm

thought I'd make a class-specific thread for discussion purposes :)

What spells/abilities do you keybind and what is your keybinding layout?

So far I mostly rely on 1 (curse), hit E for shadowbolt, Q for dark pact, and mouseclick the rest (yeah I gotta work on that). And I wasd for movement.

some other input...
i used to be an all out mouseclicker, but now i use these as a raiding warlock
the usual 1-5 for my dots,
fear= Z
howl of terror= alt 3
death coil= F1
trinket= alt 2
drain life= alt 1
shadowburn= g
dark pact= V
soulshatter= alt w
and thats about it, the rest i dont usually cast during pvp/raiding, except for sometimes CoS/Coe but those are only each 4 minutes, so i usually use my mouse for those ... 3173&sid=1 ... 0022&sid=1

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