Yawa Locks Please Read

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Yawa Locks Please Read

Post by Ginxx » Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:33 pm

This thread lists some of the most important things all Yawa warlocks need to have for raiding.


Hit Capped: 202 hit. Get it, love it. This gear is only necessary for bosses in raids. Its is recommended that if you have other gear that has more dmg and crit on it, but no hit, keep that in your bags and use it as a trash mob set. Just do not forget to switch your gear before the boss.

At least 30 shards for every raid. More is better as always but have at least 30 so we have a full supply of health stones / soul stones / pets etc.

Full raid buffs. Food/flask/wiz oil and pots. I want all of us to be prepared at all times. Make sure you have extras of all these goodies in your bags. Technically only required for progression raids, but I encourage you to have them at all times.

Dotimer – This is in my opinion the best mod for tracking dots. Dots are our kick ass thingy that we do better than anyone and we need this to make sure they are up all the time.


Quartz: extremely adaptable castbar with good stop casting macro support

Strongly Suggested:

Necrosis – This is a most kick ass mod that handles a ton of warlock shit. It has all your pets, HS, SS, mount, curses etc. It saves a lot of space and is fun to use.


Itemrack – This mod allows you to switch quickly between different sets of gear. Very useful for switching between Leo/Trash/Boss/Aff/demo whatever gear sets.


Recount – Great for tracking your DPS and every other stat in raids. Will help you see how you are doing and set goals to improve.


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