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Post by Kianda » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:52 pm

I am a warlock, one of the rarest and least understood classes in the game. When most players think warlocks, they think of the sexy demon pet, free rides to dungeons, fear, health stones (that they never end up using) and the sexy demon pet. I have compiled some basic info for those less familiar with our class and those new to it. First off, a few points:

1 - I collect souls from the mobs we kill and store them in soul stones. I am not ninja-ing these stones. I cannot share a quest to let you collect them. I cannot trade these stones to you. No, I will not stop making these stones 'while everyone else is fighting'. It's not a trade skill.

2 - I will happily summon you to a dungeon to help get things moving quicker. This does not mean you can just kick back and flirt with night elves in Iron Forge assuming you will get a summons to the dungeon. Each summons requires a soul stone, which take time, effort and bag space to acquire, and it pisses me off to think that you were just being lazy expecting me to do all the work. If you are closer to the dungeon or as close as I am, and I get there while you haven't moved your lazy ass, expect to be left behind. I really don't mind summoning people, but please just show a little courtesy for my play time.

3 - Don't bother to duel me. I have death coil. You will lose. If you really want to duel, I recommend reading 'how to beat a warlock' in the just for fun section below.

4 - I pass out healthstones that I make with the souls of those we vanquish. These are like healing potions, but on a different timer. You should use these before you use your potions as I can make more. Saving them doesn't do anyone any good because they go away when you log out. Just send me a whisper when you use it so I can make you another. It really is ok to use them, as the previous owner of the soul no longer needs it.

5 - No, I cannot make a portal to Iron Forge nor can I create food/water

6 - Healers, if I'm not getting hit in combat, and my health suddenly starts dropping, DON'T PANIC. Keep healing the tank; you don't need to waste mana on me. I am just using life tap to get more mana. I can then restore my health by a) draining it from mobs, b) bandaging, c) using a health stone or d) eating after combat. If you feel you absolutely must heal me, a nice heal over times gives me a warm fuzzy, but please, only if you have the mana to spare. At the same time, if I am getting beat down by mobs, heals are greatly appreciated.

7 - I am a cloth wearer, but I am not squishy. I am the 4th best tank against single targets in the game behind warriors, druids in bear form and paladins. My health rivals theirs and I drain life from the mob about as fast is it is damaging me. I don't try to tank, but can in emergencies if I have to.

8 - I can banish elementals and demons (except in Uldamon). While a mob is banished, it can't be attacked. I can not cancel my own banish. If you want to kill a banished mob, you'll just have to wait until the banish wears off.

9 - Mages, I try not to DOT your sheep. Please try not to sheep my DOTs.

10 - I am a dps class

Info for new Warlocks

Most important warlock stats in equipment:

PvE: +dmg > +crit > +sta > +int.
Notice that int is way down the list and spirit isn't even on it. It's not uncommon for a warlock to have health close to that of the main tank. This is because a warlock can cast spells, life tap to regenerate mana and then drain health and end a battle at nearly full health and mana.

Basic Warlock Guides
Leveling guide: http://forums.wowmb.net/index.php?topic=6037.0

Basic Warlock Info: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... post842326

Soul Shard Puches
Spicaa can make soul shard pouches (http://www.thottbot.com/?i=52380). She will need 30 rune cloth (or 6 bolts), 4 rugged leather, 2 ichors of undeath and rune thread. These bags have more slots then normal bags, but can only contain soul stones. They are less important while leveling, but will come in very handy when running raids with 10+ people and pvp.

For Fun
How to beat a Warlock
http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... post850638

Funniest things said to a warlock (long)
http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/threa ... post611678

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Post by Evilturtle » Sat Mar 18, 2006 9:58 am

Hell yes, very nice find... I believe I have read this before.

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