Fury Warriors Version BC

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Fury Warriors Version BC

Post#1 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:39 am

1. Fury
2. Gems, Enchants, Weapon speed and the Spec
a) Spec
b) Weapons Speed
c) Gems and Socketation
d) Weapon Enchants, and, in short, the benefits of Armor Penetration
3. Consumables
4. Hit, it's Cap and why it's so Important
5. Abilities and Rotation
a) Abilities, what DO they DO?!
b) Rotation
6. Not being a Fucking Noob
7. Macros? Should I use them?


Fury is a very viable PvE melee damage spec for Warriors who are committed to raiding, but don't want to tank. Fury takes time and energy to gear up properly; it is imperative that while gearing up for Fury you strike a balance between Attack Power, Critical strike chance, and Hit rating, with Attack Power being the most important of the three.

If you have questions about where to attain gear for Fury, refer to:
Bloodwraith's Non-raiding DW Fury Gear List

I'm not going to tell you playing Fury is easy, I'm not going to coddle your 600 DPS and say "You'll do better next time," and I'm sure as fuck not going to dignify any whiny fucks come to me for answers. Playing Fury in The Burning Crusade is exactly like it was pre-BC in the vein that, if you're competent and have solid understanding of your class you can easily 'rock the charts!'
So suck it the fuck up.

Gems, Enchants, Weapon Speed and The Spec

The Spec
First of all, you need a good spec, and this is it.
The Norm Fury Spec
Dont try to be special, don't try to mix it up - this is THE Fury spec, stick with it and do not argue. Conform, motherfucker.

Weapon Speed
The aim is two slow weapons. Why? Well, two reasons; Reason A, it's a great way for me to sort out the scrubs from the pros. The logic being that due to Slow/Slow's fucked rage generation it allows me to dictate whether or not YOU (yes you!) can effectively DPS while maintain enough rage to perform consistent, full rotations, along with rebuffing shouts, Rampage, and all that other shit.
Reason B is simple, it does more fucking damage.

Gems and Socketing Properly
When it comes to sockets Fury warriors have it fairly easy, the main idea is STRENGTH, STRENGTH, STRENGTH, usually in the form of a Bold Living Ruby, which grants +8 strength(Amazing, right?).
Now, you may be saying to yourself "What about this super pimp set bonus?!" Well that's where things get a *little* tricky. Fury warriors want to maximize AP, but if the set bonus is great you should consider socketing for said bonuses. That's only if you're in a pinch though.
The main consensus for Fury warriors when it comes to socketing, (if you're socketing for bonuses, that is): Red +8 strength; Bold Living Ruby, Yellow +4 strength +4 crit; Inscribed Noble Topaz, Blue +4 strength +6 stamina; Sovereign Nightseye. Relentless Earthstorm Diamonds will be your choice for metas, always. Conform.
Trust me, I've seen way the shit too many scrubs running around with AGILITY FUCKING GEMS in their gear. DO NOT BE AN AGILITY GEM FUCKUP. TRUST ME, YOU ARE GIVING FURY WARRIORS A BAD NAME.

Enchants, and, in short, the benefits of Armor Penetration
You're going to have three (a trio, if you will) main enchants when you first start off, and that number will be whittled down to two once you start progressing into Hyjal, BT and the Sunwell. Since a lot of warriors are AP whores, they like to throw +20 strength on both weapons.
WRONG. I tried this. It's retarded.
Get +20 strength of your offhand and Mongoose or Executioner on your main hand IF YOU ARE NEW TO FURY OR AT A LOW/INTERMEDIATE GEAR LEVEL. (As in, no ArP/Haste Gear whatsoever)
You can keep this setup until you've finished SSC and TK. Once you get a few bosses into Hyjal and BT you might start noticing that a lot of the gear has *Armor Penetration* on it.
Armor Penetration (or ArP) is good, very good. If you have the Executioner enchant up, and a fully sundered mob, you're going to be doing OVER 10% MORE DAMAGE.
That shit matters. Once you hit this level of gear, don't be afraid to put Executioner on your main hand and throw Mongoose on your offhand, the AP you'll be getting from the new gear in BT and Hyjal more than make up for 20 less strength.

The Consumables
I usually bring food buff for farm nights and stack fucking colossal stacks of shit for progression nights, you should to, champ!

The main buffs you should consider grabbing for raids are:
* Flask of Relentless Assault: 120 Attack Power. (2 hours, persists through death) (Flasks are always your best choice, and you should aim to bring these as much as possible)
* Elixir of Major Strength: 35 Strength. (1 hour)
* Elixir of Major Agility: 35 Agility, 20 Crit Rating. (1 hour)
* Elixir of the Mongoose: 25 Agility, 28 Crit Rating. (1 hour)
* Fel Strength Elixir: 90 Attack Power, -10 Stamina. (1 hour)
* Elixir of Demonslaying: 265 Attack Power vs Demons. (5 minutes)

* Roasted Clefthoof: 20 Strength, 20 Spirit. (30 minutes) (Dont use Ravager Dogs, the AP bonus is technically equivalent, but with strength you get the extra benefit of the Kings blessing from paladins)

* Haste Potion: 400 Haste Rating. (15 seconds, shares Health Potion cooldown)
* Insane Strength Potion: 120 Strength, -75 Defense Rating (15 seconds, shares Health Potion cooldown)

* Elemental Sharpening Stone: 28 Crit Rating (1 hour)
* Adamantite Weightstone: 12 weapon damage, 14 Crit Rating. (Mace/Fist, 1 hour)
* Adamantite Sharpening Stone: 12 weapon damage, 14 Crit Rating. (Axe/Sword/Dagger, 1 hour)

* Drums of Battle: 80 Haste Rating for party. (30 seconds)*
* Drums of War: 60 Attack Power for party. (30 seconds)*

Hit, it's cap, and why it's so important
With the introduction of hit and crit ratings item budgets now work so that 1 str = 1 agility = 1 crit rating = 1 hit rating. Until you hit the *magical* special (yellow, like urine!) damage cap of 95, hit should be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. It becomes less effective at this point than ANY other DPS stat such as strength, critical strike, etc...
However, it is still very important and it shouldn't be neglected. Try to get gear with hit on it, take leather items if you must.
The white (normal) damage cap is 395, it is not something to worry about, or a goal to concern yourself with. Most endgame Fury warriors stack nothing but strength and because of innate hit on their gear end up with anywhere from 200-250 hit, you wont have this luxury when you're starting off. I understand that it is HARD to maintain a SOLID amount of hit, especially when you're just beginning, so it is... forgivable if you want to TEMPORARILY equip Romeo's Poison Vial, just don't get to cozy with that motherfucker. Seriously. Poison Vial sucks cock.

* Final note: Don't gem for hit. Don't ever gem for hit. I will kick you from the guild if you ask why.

Abilities and Rotation

Abilities, what DO they DO?!
The main six Fury Warrior abilities goes as follows:
Bloodthirst - Attack based on AP, the cornerstone of a good Fury warrior is big fucking Bloodthirsts, this is why AP is so important.

Whirlwind - Attack based on weapon damage, good for AoE pulls when used in conjunction with Sweeping Strikes, also a part of the rotation below. Just be aware of sheeps, traps etc... when using it.

Heroic Strike - Strike that causes a fuckton of damage and a fuckton of threat, use it only if you go above 50 rage.

Hamstring - If you don't have Flurry up your DPS will suffer, Hamstring is spammable and cheap, use it sparingly and only if you haven't got Flurry up.

Battle Shout - The most important shout a warrior has, keep it up at all times to benefit your group. No questions.

Rampage - It sounds cool, but rampage is a horribly annoying ability to babysit due to its short duration - however, it is important for bolstering your AP, so try and keep it up, especially on boss fights.

The Fury DPS Rotation
The standard fury build has ½ improved whirlwind. This allows you to make a solid skill rotation with blood thirst and whirlwind.

Seconds into fight:
0: BT
1.5: WW
3: Global cool down free
6: BT
7.5: Global cool down free
10.5: WW
12: BT
13.5: Global cool down free
15: Global cool down free
18: BT
19.5: WW

This allows you to use both abilities as they cool down. Also leaves some nice places to use a global cooldown on something else. Use these times to refresh a shout or rampage or possibly a hamstring. Assuming threat is not a concern use heroic strike if you go over 50 rage. This is the rotation I use, of course you can modify it on the fly if need be, but try to stick with it.

Not being a Fucking Noob

There are five points I'm going to list here. If you need to have a talk about any of these I'm available.
* Always ask for Salvation
* Always stand behind the mob
* Always bring a shield
* Always repair
* Get out of the fire

If you're having trouble staying alive, check this thread out.

Macros? Should I use them?
Honestly Fury isn't a macro-friendly spec, the same thing goes for Mortal Strike spec and to an extent the Protection Warrior spec. In fact I would argue against using any macros for your DPS rotation whatsoever, because you (the Fury warrior) are a melee DPS class you will be required to think quickly, reposition and problem-solve very quickly in the midst of battle and a mechanical dps macro hinders this. Warriors are a reactionary class, every spec is REACTIONARY. Warriors have absolutely no control of any situation they're in, Fury is no exception. And because of this I'd just use a hotkey setup you're comfortable with, you dont need any special shit to dish out the fat numbers, Fury warriors have 5 buttons, 3 of which are used infrequently.

If you have any questions about Fury, ask me, I have tried to cover the basics here, but I'm sure there will be more questions.
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I crit perception so hard that I could see why people love Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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Edited post to hyper-link forum thread and sticky.

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Will update more, working on a second, more thorough version

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...have trigger, will travel...

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Post#8 » Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:19 pm

I'm still trying to figure out just why you're alleging our warriors are furry. Most of us are humans with only moderate amounts of hair. Not like the horde with the Tauren warriors....


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Updated nearly all sections.

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Updated and color coded.

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Updated Not Being a Fucking Noob section, aligned table of content titles with those in article

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Working on Macro section

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Updated not being a noob section.

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Added macro section. Guide is complete until I need to add any extra shit

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Post#15 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:28 pm

Just wanted to add down here, as a note, that all Fury Warriors should consider picking up the Bulwark of Ancient Kings. After using it in Hyjal today I am extremely impressed with not only the stats, but the on use, which grants an extra 300 AP and 1500 Health. The fact that I can hit 4k AP self buffed with this chestpiece is ridiculous, and I seriously recommend it to anyone looking to boost their DPS even more during the execute phase.

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