Azgalor OT/MT Coordination

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Azgalor OT/MT Coordination

Post by Heartwood » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:18 pm

This is mostly towards Hyrion, but I'm posting it to the forum for general interest.

I was reviewing the upcoming WotLK changes to the Protection tree for warriors. Safeguard has the nice 20% damage reduction buff for the target of Intervene for 6 seconds. Which got me to thinking about the Azgalor fight. The zone-wide silence means that the MT is left for 5 seconds with only HoTs to replenish health until healers are able to cast again.

This fight is a survivability fight, not a dps race. Lets try positioning you to hit an Intervene on Heart at the start of each silence from his Howl of Azgalor. Stripping away one of his 8k hits should make the fight a lot easier.

Down the road when we have Safeguard available, this will be an even better way to push through periods of silence with less risk of a tank death.

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Post by Lealla » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:34 pm

Sexy. And a good idea. Don't forget though that you risk eating a Cleave if you do that, plus there's a chance to draw a Rain of Fire onto the tank.

Edit: Your death in the last real attempt last night was due to other raid members drawing RoF onto the MT healers. Well, technically, the first was from the Tauren NPCs, but having to run out of range means you get no heals. It didn't help that I got Doom twice, either.

Speaking of WotLK stuff, some other good things that could help in this situation include Hand of Sacrifice (20% damage transferred to caster) and the Improved Divine Shield talent (30% damage reduction in a 30-yd radius while DS is active) from the Prot tree. The cooldowns on these make them difficult to use every time, though.

When Wrath rolls around, Azgalor is likely to be the least of our worries, but these things are sure to come in handy in level 80 raiding.

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Post by hyrion » Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:07 pm

Ok, i'll hang around outside melee range, rdy for an intervene

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