WotLK and WoW 3.0: The Cliff Notes Version

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WotLK and WoW 3.0: The Cliff Notes Version

Post by Lealla » Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:06 pm

Wrath of the Lich King and WoW 3.0 - the Cliff Notes Version

How well are you prepared for the upcoming patch and expansion? Have you marked it on your calendar? Are you familiar enough with the patch changes that you won't be one of the noobs spamming the trade channel next week asking the same stupid questions over and over and over? Don't feel like reading through reams of posts and patch notes? Well, Lealla is here to save you.

The Short, Short Version
  • 3.0 patch 10/14 changes lots of stuff. Read or you'll be like every other fucking noob spamming trade with, "Where'd my mounts go?"
  • Expansion comes out November 13. Level 80. Northrend. Death Knights.
The Short Version

3.0 changes:
  • Mounts and pets in a new tab on Character screen.
    • Use mount/pet item = add to tab.
    • Click spell from tab to mount.
    • Drag spell from tab to action bar.
    • Shift-click to insert in macro.
  • Tokens (Badges, PvP Marks, etc.) stored in separate UI, no longer in bags. Honor & Arena points here, too.
  • New Inscription profession.
    • Uses herbs.
    • Makes glyphs/scrolls/offhands.
    • Lets Enchanters trade/AH enchants.
  • New talents and abilities for all classes. Talents reset.
  • Naxxramas gone. Titles can no longer be achieved. ZA Bear mount gone.
  • Achievements.
  • Barber shops (in major cities).
  • Spell damage and spell healing are now Spell Power.
  • Crit, Haste, Hit ratings affect both spells and melee.
  • Spell pushback reduced.
  • Faster leveling in BC.
  • Arena Season 4 closed. (You will still be able to earn and spend Arena points until the xpac, but the season rewards will be handed out next week.)
  • Cannot use more than one 2 minute potion per fight.
  • Cannot use drums more than every 2 minutes.
  • Most party/group buffs now raid-wide.
  • New raid synergy changes. Many buffs don't stack with each other now.
  • Macros and keybindings saved on server.
  • Built in threat meter.
  • Built in guild calendar.
Wrath of the Lich King changes:
  • Northrend open. Get there from Stormwind Harbor or Menethil Harbor (Alliance).
  • Death Knights unlocked.
    • Need a 55 toon. Starts at 55 in new zone east of EPL.
    • Death Knights are a NEW character, NOT a conversion of an existing one.
    • One DK per realm per account.
    • DKs can tank and DPS.
  • Level cap raised to 80.
  • Skill cap raised to 425.
  • Arena teams and ratings gone, rated games locked until 80.
  • New battleground.
  • Honor points NOT reset.
  • New world PvP zone with destructible buildings, siege engines, vehicles.
  • New dungeons and raid dungeons.
    • 5-man dungeons have normal and heroic versions.
    • Raid dungeons have 10 and 25 man versions.
    • Naxxramas is first raid dungeon.
    • Arthas is final boss, lives in Icecrown Citadel, won't be open until patch 3.3.
  • Mount changes:
    • Cannot use flying mount in Northrend until level 77.
    • At 77, buy Cold Weather Flying skill.
    • No new mount skill to train.
    • There will be 2-person and 3-person mounts. The 3-man mount costs 15K.
  • Dalaran new major capital in Northrend.
  • Dalaran "hearth" ring costs 8K gold, can buy at 80.
  • There's a Collector's Edition. You get a cool mini frost wyrm pet.
  • The expansion will be released on DVD only.
Future content patches:
  • Dual talent specs.
  • Itemrack-style interface for gear swapping.
  • New dances.
  • "Guild ratings". (link)
  • 3.1:
    • Ulduar raid instance.
    • Mounts will be able to swim.
  • 3.2: New super secret unknown raid instance.
  • 3.3: Icecrown Citadel, Ashbringer questline.

I welcome suggestions for anything else to add or any other silly rumors to squash.
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Post by Heartwood » Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:10 am

I think that the 3 person mount was bumped up to 20k, unless that's been changed back.
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