WotLK World Event Will Move Into Kara

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WotLK World Event Will Move Into Kara

Post by Heartwood » Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:11 pm

www.mmo-champion.com reports the following interesting news:

WotLK World Event - New boss in Karazhan ?
This is NOT active on live servers for the moment. It looks like one of the upcoming phase of the WotLK world event will feature a new boss located in Karazhan: Prince Tenris Mirkblood. Tenris is part of <The San'layn>. The San'layn is a faction of darkfallen, renegade elves from Quel'Thalas under the rule of the Lich King.

The Quest - Chamber of Secrets
The Argent Dawn Emissary wants you to search the chamber of Tenris Mirkblood within the Servant's Quarters of Karazhan.

Excellent, an experienced adventurer. Precisely what we need. There has been talk from the Kirin Tor guarding Medivh's tower that something is amiss with Karazhan. There is a new power lurking within, one that answers neither to the Guardian's magic nor the Legion. From what they've scouted, it appears it is an elven prince called Tenris Mirkblood, and there is reason to believe he serves the Scourge.

Go, my friend, investigate Mirkblood's chamber, and return with any information you might find.


This quest is indeed in game and you can actually take a look at it by using the following command (but you won't be able to link it in chat until it's active on servers) : /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Murlocs are awesome, this quest too: \124cffffff00\124Hquest:12616:70\124h[Chamber of Secrets]\124h\124r");

Prince Tenris Murkblood is also in game but you can't spawn him for the moment (and won't be until it's "unlocked" in the event). According to the last datamining I did on beta servers this is how he looks :

The quest seems to be given by an Argent Dawn Emissary near Karazhan. It doesn't look like this NPC is activated on live servers for the moment.
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