TOC 10 Strat - Quick points

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TOC 10 Strat - Quick points

Post#1 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:38 pm

Boss #1 (kindof) Northrend Beasts
A: Gormok the Impaler
1. Spread out (8-10yds). Ranged/Healers stay 20yds away from him.
2. Two tanks rotate taunts after 3 Impales (watch your debuffs) As soon as the debuff falls off, taunt.
3. DPS on the snobolds (melee only get if its on a melee)
4. Stay out of fire.
5. Disarm Gormok.

B: Dreadscale & Acidmaw
1. Assign a tank to stick with each Jormungar.
2. Spread out.
3. Kite the mobile worm to avoid poison cloud. They go underground and switch which is mobile and which is stationary, so be sure you pick up the right one when they come back.
4. Burn Acidmaw first
5. If you get Paralytic toxin run to someone with Burning Bile (Dreadscale tank)
6. If Acid maw is stationary a raid member with the flame must run to the tank to remove his toxin.

C: Icehowl
1. Spread out.
2. Ranged/Healers stay 20yds away.
3. After a massive crash (knocks you to the wall) Look which direction he is facing (or who he is targeting). RUN AWAY - to the side.
4. DO NOT GET HIT BY THE CHARGE. (you will have a speed buff)
5. A Ret paladin with Divine Purpose may Cast hand of freedom (remove the stun) on the Breath target to end the breath.( or mageblink out of it)

Boss #2 Lord Jaraxxus
1. Dispel/Steal Nether Power often
2. Interrupt Fel Fireball
3. Spread out . (fel lightning, curse of the nether)
4. Incinerate Flesh Must be healed off QUICKLY (60,000).
5. Legion Flame, Do not stand in it. But move slowy, and don't run over other people. You leave a trail of fire.
6. Portals & Volcanos do AoE damage, Stay away.
7. OT pick up any adds (mistress/infernal)
8. Ranged DPS focus adds
9. If a floating green ball comes after you, RUN AWAY

Boss #3 Faction Champions
1. Get your PvP skills (and trinket) ready =P
2. Focus Healers, purge dispel like crazy on focus. (priest>druid>shaman>paladin banish druid?)
3. CC as many as you can while burning healers (distraction works:disarm,hamstring,stun,etc )
4. BL/Heroism as soon as people start doing damage.
5. You do not need a tank, but they may be useful.

Added info by Ekn:
I have done a little research on this fight and you can control it a lot more than people thing. There actually is threat in this fight, but it is totally different than threat of any other fight.
Instead of it being based off dmg and the like - it is based on armor, health and distance for melee and resistance, health and distance for casters.
The lower your hp, the lower your threat
the higher your armor or resistance, the lower your threat
the farther you are, the lower your threat

So a plate wearing player who has 2% hp and is half way accross the map will have extreamly low threat on melee mobs.
A cloth wearing player who is at full health right next to a melee mob is asking to tank it.

The healers just focus primarily on who has the lowest health. This isn't percentage based - if the warrior is at 80% hp and the priest is at 90% hp, the priest will get heals because their actual health is lower.

So how do we use that to our advantage? Tanks switch to 2h instead of that sheild loaded with armor. Priests use inner fire and make sure it stays up. Ironsheild pots can be used as a threat dump by a healer with a melee on them. Have the casters start at max range and try to stay as far as you can from the crowd. Resisitance is a bit harder, but having your more squishy players drink a BC cromatic flask chould help.

Paladins make great healers for this fight because they have lower aggro. Shaman too - using a shield instead of an offhand helps a ton. Druids can pop bear form to drop some aggro if they have melee on them.

If tanks have a dps dual spec, go for it. There is little reason for a tank on this fight.

Boss #4 Twin Val'kyr
1. Split in 2 groups (melee/ranged&healers), click the portal/well to acquire essence(light/dark)
2. Dark Group on Lightbane, Light Group on Darkbane.
3. Tank them between 2 portals (nearer a light portal). Tanks should have the same color as the one they are tanking. light on light, dark on dark.
3.2: Watch threat - tanks have reduced dmg and thus reduced threat.
4. Ranged healers stand next to a dark portal if you are light. (spread out a little)
5. Vortex: Change color to match the val'kyr casting it to absorb the damage.
6. Twin's Pact: Burn the shield, Interrupt the heal after the shield is down
7. Orbs: (6yds AoE) Grab same colored, dodge opposite colored (buff or damage)
8. Do not go chasing orbs, stay near your groups.

Boss #5 Anub'Arak
Above Ground
1. Shoot down frost spheres to drop permafrost. Should have a ranged (hunter is good here) assigned to dropping some then getting on the boss.
2. Burn adds on Permafrost to keep them from burrowing and healing full. (stunnable)
3. Burn one add while he is up, burn the other when he goes down
1. Drop more permafrost
2. AoE/Burn the adds.
3. Spread out, Stay behind/near permafrost. (spikes can not go through it, but will destroy it)
4. Kite his spikes through permafrost when he targets you. (5 hits on permafrost will end the burrow phase)
5. FoK with anesthetic poison for the swarm enrage.
Below 30%
1. Leaching Swarm: cast @ 30% health, leaches 10-20% health from entire raid (based on current health).
2. Keep raid at 30-40% to minimize leach, keep tanks topped. Priest and pally sheilds are good here - you can try to roll hots to keep players hp at a constant 30-40% healing the the dmg they are taking, but not brining them up to 50-60% or more.
3. Blow ALL CDs and Bloodlust/Heroism

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Post#2 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:20 pm

Some tips I've picked up from doing this:
Faction Champs -
- CC is just as important as DPS.
- Have a Rogue/Prot Warrior/Shaman/Lock locking down the healer you are not focusing on.
- Tanks can taunt the mobs and kite. Really helpful when someone is about to get gibbed and a pally does Righteous Defense. Gives said person extra time to move/healers time to land heals.
- A DK can almost endlessly kite any melee with chains of ice and death grip
- Purge/Dispell. A lot.

Twin Val'kyr
- Tank them right next to each other so you don't have to run far when they have Twin's Pact
- Grabbing Orbs of your color and dodging orbs that aren't your color makes it tons easier on healers. Its fairly easy to heal though if you're planning on bringing three healers.

- We always have the OT hold the adds on Ice During Phase 1's and burn them on Phase 2 so you can focus all DPS on Anub during Phase 1.
- Make sure to have some kind of Mortal Strike ability on him during Phase 3.

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Post#3 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:50 pm

I've done this a bazillion times, including on heroic.

Twin Valkyr:
- The note about having the tanks be the same color as their target is wrong. Tanks should be opposite color for max threat (DPS is really high this fight). Tanks switch with everyone else on Vortex, pull the target to the other portal, switch back.
- When one Valkyr is casting, the other does 2x damage to their tank. Focus heals on that tank.
- Everyone stand close to opposite color portal so you can switch on Vortex. After Vortex, switch back.

- Not necessary to burn first add; keep DPS on the boss. When he submerges, all DPS switch to adds and kill them.
- There is not a set # of stuns to bring him up; it's strictly time based. You have unlimited permafrost to work with in normal so just keep him stunned as long as possible.
- Phase 2: focus down the little bugs, kite them, CC them, whatever. Do NOT tank them - they stack an acid debuff that ticks for a ton of damage for a long time.
- Leeching Swarm = 10% of current health, min of 250/sec. Do not top people off; keeping them at low health (except tanks) will lower his heals.
- People who get Penetrating Cold debuff during phase 3 must be focus healed.
- Try to bring him to phase 3 right before a burrow. If you do it right after, people will have debuffs from the little adds which makes healing a TON harder.

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Post#4 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:28 pm

Hmm... I think your tank strat on the twins is for geared tanks farming it... I've only done it once, but I don't think I would survive it your way lol.

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Post#5 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:16 am

Huh? Tanks don't take any extra melee damage based on their color, and we've never had any problems keeping tanks alive unless the healers die. The only time tanks are likely to die is when one Valkyr is casting Twin Pact; the other one gets a 50% haste and damage buff for the duration of the cast. That and if a whole stack of opposite color orbs drop on them, but that's not usually an issue in normal.

On the other hand, everyone else is doing 50% extra damage, not to mention 100% over that when they get Empowered Light/Dark. There's no way a tank doing half damage is going to be able to hold aggro unless your DPS suck.

Edited: Seriously, if your tanks can survive Gormok, they can survive the Twins. It's not that much damage.


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Post#6 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:54 am

Ok, I'm willing to try it however - like I said, I pugged it - so my healers and dps could have been on the low end of acceptable gear, I don't watch meters when I tank unless we are wiping and I am trying to figure out why - so I can't tell you much about them.

There were all alts now that I think about it...

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Post#7 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:56 am

Well, as far as I'm aware, physical damage taken is not affected by colors. The scenario I've seen most often is one tank getting gibbed when the other Valkyr is casting Twin Pact, due to the damage buff. Both tank healers need to focus on him.


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