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Post by Arlan » Thu May 29, 2008 3:37 pm

I've heard a few of you mention this add on, should I be using this instead of pally power now?

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Post by Lealla » Thu May 29, 2008 3:40 pm

It encompasses and improves upon PallyPower - I have been playing with it and I can see why people like it. However, it's still fully compatible with PP, so you don't have to give it up if you don't want to.

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Post by Kendalh » Thu May 29, 2008 3:40 pm

It's up to you. ZOMGBuffs syncs with PallyPower so you can still use both. I still haven't played with it enough to completely stop using PP. But ZOMGBuffs has some really nice features. Here's what I've posted about it elsewhere (taken from an EJ forum post):

I used to use XRS for tracking missed buffs, and ofcourse any raid with paladins uses PallyPower.

Well, I just recently found an AMAZING mod that replaces both of these.

Enter: ZOMGBuffs

This does the following (from my own usage; may do more):

-Tracks missing buffs and displays them through Report feature

-AUTOMATIC Blessings assignments. COMPATIBLE with PallyPower ... Thats right .. you set some pre-defined templates for whether you have 1,2,3,4,5 paladins in the raid...hit Generate...bam it makes a complete blessings assignment table for all paladins in the raid. It is most often spot on, but sometimes requires very SLIGHT changes. It also has a built in ability to assign mini (10 min) buffs for like mixed raids (i.e. feral druids and resto druids in same). Will send the assignments to others using ZOMG, or PallyPower users. Will whisper those who don't have either.

-Awesome group buffing capabilities. Being a druid I use this extensively. It will alert me when someone is missing a buff, and I just roll my mouse wheel (or whatever button you decide) and it will start buffing full groups with GOTW, and partial groups with MOTW...All automatic. So lets say 2 groups have 5 people missing Mark, and 1 group has 1 person missing it. I scroll my mousewheel, and it will GOTW to the 2 full groups, then MOTW to the 1 person...saving reagents.

-If all group buffers have this mod, it allows you to assign groups...i.e. I take groups 1,2 3, ... another druid with the mod takes groups 4, 5...Will only buff those groups and only check those groups for missing buffs to alert you to.

-Self Buffs ... Possibly the most annoying feature if not set up correctly, but very useful once done ... Will alert you to missing self buffs and allow you to buff yourself through that same mouse wheel action. Annoying part is that it comes preconfigured to check ALL self buffs (including things like Blessing of Freedom ....) You need to customize it to disable some.

There is more, but this so far is enough for me. It is simply amazing and I can't believe I went so long with out it. .. It is kind of hard to initially set up and get used to, but once you play around with it for a bit it is really powerful.

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