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Vasjh Macros

Post by Elvenbane » Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:41 pm


The following macro will attempt to throw the Tainted Core to your current target, whisper the target, announce it to the raid, and if the target is out of range will whisper them that they are out of range and ping the map with your current location. Copy/pasted the following into your macros:

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/use Tainted Core
/run f=SendChatMessage w="WHISPER"c="Tainted Core"t="target"u=UnitName(t)if IsItemInRange(c,t)==1 then f("You have the "..c,w,nil,u)f(u.." has "..c,"RAID")else f("Can't throw core at you. Get close!",w,nil,u)Minimap:PingLocation(0,0)end

For netting striders and notifying the current target of the strider (also works for the Pally stun, just replace /use with /cast Hammer of Justice):

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/use Netherweave Net
/script SendChatMessage(string.format("Netting %s's Strider!",UnitName("targettarget")),"YELL");
/script SendChatMessage("Netting your Strider!", "whisper",nil,UnitName("TargetTarget"));

Casters can use the following to faciliate the targeting and killing of Tainted Elementals:

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/targetexact Tainted Elemental
/focus [exists, nodead]
/cast [target=focus, exists, nodead] Some Spell

This sets the Tainted Elemental as focus target and casts "Some Spell" on it if it is alive. If it is not alive, it will keep the current target if it is an enemy (healers shouldn't use this if they count on targeting to heal, or they can replace the last line with /targetlasttarget). If the elemental is out of range or LoS, it produces an error messages, but at least the Tainted Elemental is now the focus target so it's easier to find.

While I am not a 'macro guy,' Paladins may want to have the following macro set to cast Blessing of Freedom on the MT as soon as Vashj casts entagle:

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/cast [target=MTName, nodead][] Blessing of Freedom
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