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Mage Macros

Post#1 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:23 am

Before using these macros make sure you disable the Action Page 1 - 6 keys in your keybindings, if you don't shit's gonna get all fucked up.

I've included the keys I have them bound to but you can use whatever.


#1 - Time Warp (Shift + Alt), Tier 1 talent (Shift), Arcane Missiles (Alt), Arcane Barrage

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/cast [mod:alt,mod:shift] Time Warp; [mod:shift,talent:1/1] Evanesce; [mod:shift,talent:1/2] Blazing Speed; [mod:shift,talent:1/3] Ice Floes; [mod:alt] Arcane Missiles; Fire Blast;

#2 - Tier 2 talent (Shift), Presence of Mind (Alt), Arcane Blast

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/cast [mod:shift,talent:2/1] Alter Time; [mod:shift,talent:2/3] Ice Barrier; [mod:alt] Presence of Mind; Arcane Blast

#3 - Arcane Power (Alt), Nether Tempest (talented) or Supernova (talented) or Frost Nova

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/cast [mod:alt] Arcane Power; [talent:5/1,nomod] Mage Bomb; Frost Nova

#4 - Counterspell (Alt), Prismatic Crystal + Arcane Power (pc talented) or Arcane Orb (talented) or Cone of Cold (no tier 7 talent or shift)

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/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/cast [talent:7/2,nomod] Arcane Power
/cast [mod:alt] Counterspell; [talent:7/1] [notalent:7/1,mod:shift] Cone of Cold; [talent:7/2] Prismatic Crystal; [talent:7/3] Arcane Orb

Num- - Int Potion (Ctrl), Invisiblity (Shift), Tier 6 talent (Alt), Evocation

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/cast [mod:ctrl] Draenic Intellect Potion; [mod:shift] Invisibility; [mod:alt,talent:6/1] Mirror Image; [mod:alt,talent:6/2] Rune of Power; Evocation

Alt: Set Focus, Sheep Focus
Click: Sheep Target
Shift: Clear Focus

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#showtooltip Polymorph
/focus [mod:alt,@focus,noharm] [mod:alt,@focus,dead]
/clearfocus [@focus,noharm] [@focus,dead] [mod:shift]
/cast [mod:alt,@focus,exists] [] Polymorph

Blink/Mount Macro

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/cast [indoors] [combat] [mod:shift] Blink; [flyable,nomod] FLYING MOUNT; GROUND MOUNT
/dismount [mounted]
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