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For those who care....

Post#1 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:36 am

...or care to waste 9 minutes of their lives to watch a vid on the new "stuff" NC Soft is adding to Aion, click below.

i was starting to hate this game until i started attacking Forts in PVP. it's starting to be cool PVP-wise. End game content still lacks tho...but i "hear" they're changing that with this new "patch/x-pac". i hope they fix the whole grinding shit...if not, what a waste of a visually stunning game.

enjoy: ... r_embedded

i wonder if i can add a stripper pole in the player housing area.

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Post#2 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:21 am

Yeah if they fix the shitty grinding and crafting I might go back.
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Post#3 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:00 am

I just don't get it guys....

wow kicks the shit out of aion in so many ways...




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Post#4 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:23 pm

Ec, i just got tired of how Blizzard nerf'd a perfectly great game and turned it into a Epic friendly free for all. i got into WOW in BC so i wasn't there since the beggining, but i hated how i would spend hours raiding and getting gear and standing next to someone in Dal with the same gear who has never steped into Uldar or how easy the encounters has gotten (and other reasons).

after a while, i just got tired of it and wanted something new. i do miss how it was and everyone who is/was involved. i still think WoW is a great game...i mean the lore alone is bad ass....but i felt it was time for me to leave and try to find something new.

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Post#5 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:29 pm

They have and will continue to strike a balance between the hardcore and the casual.

BC started out a little to hard core- they didn't like how hard it was to get past curator the 1st time.
Pretty much only hardcoreish people finished SSC up. They may have run it, but they didn't kill archi, illidan, Vashj and the like...

They opened it up a lot in northend. They wanted players to be able to experience the content they created, despite their casual/core level - which I think is good... I want joe blow to be able to see some of the cool end game shit. They made gear less important and achievements, mounts and titles what you showed off in city. Still... I have yet to see a total in the same gear as Lealla or Manchild. Just because it is purple don't mean shit. Gem it right, spec it right or your purples mean as much as a blue does to me.

While this was kind of ok - they failed to provide the hard core people with enough challenging content. I mean - sarth+3 was pretty much it aside from a few achievements that involved what felt more like luck than skill. (group full of yawa alts ending up with the undying).

I didn't play uldar, so I don't know how easy it was for scrubs to get geared up. But Vault, TOC and Ony are really easy for noobs to get gear in. Guen's bank had been level 80 for 8 days and had a higher level gear in two slots than she did on her hunter.

The game has a pendulum that is always moving in one direction or another... if they never changed it, you would grow board and hate it - so be happy that they update it - but understand that you arn't going to like all changes. If the game gets to a point that you hate it- stop. But think about that it might be different in 6 months and you might like it again.

In my opinion... blizz screwed up on one specific point. They didn't relize that even the most casual player gets to see all content if they want. Later... at higher levels. What scrub at level 80 couldn't get in a good BT run and kill illidan if they really wanted to? I soloed the original ony more times than I can count. The core players step up to the challange and fight to be on the bleeding edge. Casual players run it when it is simple - but still very cool.

I'm in wow because I enjoy playing wow - period. I love raiding, but don't have the time- so I pug. I level alts. I level professions.
I am learning how to dominate the AH for some serious gold. This is a brand new aspect of the game that I just started to focus on about a week ago and I am already making about 2k a week just sitting in Stormwind on my lvl 19 bank. It is like a little mini economic game within wow... lemon aid tycoon of azaroth.

Wow has the jump on most any other mmo... they have a bigger player base, they have more money and more experience - 15 years in the lore and 5 years in this specific game, no other mmo can touch that. I have been board with wow. I have thought blizz made mistakes - but in the end... the game they produce is hands down the best game I have ever played. I have friends in other states/nations because of this game.

I played aion and went from not liking it much at all, to really likeing it... to... wondering why I was settling for something less.
Con and I both quit aion at the same time to go back to wow, without really knowing the other was thinking of doing the same thing. As soon as we were back in wow, I whispered him "Fuck aion..." and he replyed "I know right!".

Aion is pretty. I am sure Starwars will be fun with cool lore. Warhammer is probably a blast. but you know what? ... it ain't wow. That's where my friends are. That's where I know what I am doing. That's where I don't feel like I am settling for less.

Yea... I'm a blizz fanboy. And I want all you fuckers back because I miss you. I don't want to raid - I just want to change the GMOTD and have more than 2 people notice. I want to stay up all night and see kali log in right before I go to bed. I still love the game, but it's missing a lot of my friends, which sucks.


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Post#6 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:39 pm

The distinction between normal and heroic modes is a really awesome one, because it addresses one of those core issues, Ec. If your gear has the "Heroic" tag on it, or Atlasloot identifies its source as "Ulduar, Yogg-Saron, Hard Mode", you are most emphatically not a scrub.

As for casuals seeing lower level content... a few weeks ago I joined a PuG trying to clear BT. They had apparently spent 8 hours in there before I showed up. Illidan hardcore owned them in Phase 2 -- just wiped the floor with 'em. I'd like to think that Archimonde and the Eredar Twins are similar in that they remain challenging even for 80s due to the mechanics. Heck, even the Twin Emperors in AQ40 can still make mincemeat of a raid that doesn't know what it's doing.

A lot of you folks who bailed because Wrath was "too easy" didn't stick around for the good parts...

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