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gnomers favorite companies for computer parts

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:20 pm
by Gnomerman
okay... i buy everything on newegg.

but for each computer part, here is what i'll buy almost exlusivly (it'll take huge savings, or an act of god for me to go with any other brand)

cpu- ummmm duh... amd or intel, depending on price point

motherboard- asus, evga.... and maybe gigabyte

video card- EVGA, hands down. for amd/ati sapphire, xfx, visiontek

ram- crucial, kingston... maybe corsair

Hdd- Western digital, by far. then seagate

cases- lian li, silverstone, thermaltake, antec,

monitors- dell, samsung, viewsonic, NEC

for power supplies, there is a Tiered ranking system. i will link it, you want to build T3 or above. If you are not overclocking, a T3 power supply will be good for your machine. If you are overclocking, grab a T2 minimum. T1 are the best quality, and your 12V rails will be at 12V regardless how far you push your system.

pc power and cooling makes the best power supplies, period. if you are building a high end rig to OC, go pcp&c or go home.

seasonic and silverstone make high quality, quiet, highly efficient power supplies.

corsair is the best power supply value. they make very high quality psu's for a good price

coolermaster, thermaltake, enermax are all good

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:13 pm
by Arlan
I agree with pretty much everything on your list.

CPU: I usually stick with AMD (intel needs competition, it's a good thing)

Motherboard: ASUS all the way

Video card: EVGA, then MSI or PNY

RAM: Corsair for me

HD: Western Digital

Cases, no preference there except that they are toolless.

PSU: Yeah, pcp&c is the best, but I prefer modular which they don't make.

Blue-ray/DVD/CD drive: I love my LG, it's fast and has played every blue-ray disc I've thrown at it flawlessly. Also, the automatic firmware update worked perfectly too.

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 8:36 pm
by Palehorse
CPU: prefer Intel, although AMD tends to be cheaper if price is your concern

Motherboard: ASUS

Video card: ATI /Raedon

RAM: Corsair

HD: Seagate

Cases: current one is antec

Monitor: always had Samsung although Dell looks nice

PSU: Antec
DVD/CD drive: Memorex

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:53 pm
by IMajorSmall
I agree with almost all of your list as well gnomer. I say "Almost" because I haven't been in the market for a monitor for a very long time, so don't have any relevant data to go off of.

Here's what I've got now:
Mobo: ASUS
Proc: Intel
Video: EVGA
RAM: Crucial
HDDs: WD. All of them.
Case: Thermaltake