omgwtfbbq....can't log on O.o

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omgwtfbbq....can't log on O.o

Post by Palehorse » Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:22 am

I was on Thurs. after midnight in wow with no problems other than the usual lag. I had installed Norton AV but hadn't restarted yet (I suspect this will be significant in a minute).

Later on Thurs. afternoon/evening I find out that my computer got restarted, which meant Norton AV is now working, and also a bunch of windows updates got installed.

Tried logging on before midnight friday and kept on getting stuck on connecting. I received both "unable to connect" and "login server down" error messages, but I checked my internet connection and active acct status. After skimming a few forum posts, I created a acct and merged it with my WoW acct (so that I can centralize blizz games with one acct and login with my e-mail address?). That didn't work...:non:

I'm now stuck on picking a realm server via realm selection and "logging onto realm server". still can't login :cry:

Other than running norton removal tool (which someone mentioned), I'm out of options. Windows firewall's disabled, and other than some windows updates the only real difference since Thurs midnight was Norton AV running and creating a acct & merging it with my WoW acct.

PS - I'll be gone for about 7-10 days on vacation before I can try logging on again.

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