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re: seagate drives

Post by Palehorse » Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:37 am

debating whether or not to buy a seagate 1 TB drive (from Newegg), 'cause as some of you may know I have a seagate HD which occasionally does the click of death constantly, and then goes quiet for 1-2 weeks before repeating....and yes I already backed up my data on an external =p

the reviews kind of worry me... ... 6822148433

and on the 1.5 TB HD some people in a deals thread were ambivalent about seagate's HD as well...

meh I might wait a bit...thoughts?

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Post by Gnomerman » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:05 pm

i bought a wd green 1.5 tb hdd from the egg for 99.99 shipped. it is the fastest hard drive i own according to several benchmarks, and xfering files around my computer. for being a 5400 rpm hdd (it can ramp up to 7200 rpm) it is very quick.

faster than my wd 500gb hdd that is 2 generations old.

i do own a 320 gb seagate, and it is loud, obnoxious, and slow (same age as my wd 250g caviar from 2006) in comparison to my wd. ... 22-136-317

if you are using the hdd as a boot hard drive, i would probably suggest a caviar black (a touch more expensive than the seagate (109 for the 1 TB) but if your looking for a storage drive, the WD caviar green is more than fast enough, and it is extremely quiet (in comparison to my other wd's), and is cool to the touch after formatting ( that took next to forever for 1.5 TB)

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