global warming

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Poll: whats your stance on global warming?

we, humankind, are responsible for the obvious warming of the planet
global warming is a fear story the liberals dreamed up
its happening, but its rediculous to think that we, humans, have any statistically significant impact on it
devised by large corporations to sell you small little cheap things that use less energy, but make them more money
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an grassroots movement by extreme liberal groups taking it to the man, making big energy, oil, manufacturing, automotive all cost more, when in turn putting hte costs on the consumer
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is a ludacris theory considering the world was warmer 2000 years ago, but go along for the ride because its not a bad idea to use less energy and pollute less
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Post by Arlan » Wed May 06, 2009 4:48 pm

Gnomerman wrote:
so warmer raising the water temperature reduces dissolved oxygen? thats a fun fact.
Yup, think back to first year chemistry. Gases have low solubility in water, raising the temperature of the water increases the kinetic energy and the gas escapes from solution.

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Post by Gnomerman » Wed May 06, 2009 5:15 pm

im used to thinking about the opposite, moisture in air :) thermo is fun......
i don't spend much time thinking of oxygen in water. however sense is made

the majority of nuclear plants change the river/stream temperature by small amounts, i believe the laws keep it within a degree or 2

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