blizzard's evil plot.

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blizzard's evil plot.

Post by Virek » Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:50 pm

So im pretty sure blizz decided to launch cata the week before finals on purpose. Sadly, my drive to play this expac has shifted from the previous couple. Its not to race to the end level, be amungst the first, raid with the first, kill with the first and feel somehow better than the rest. However fun that would be. It is now to enjoy the new content, level with friends, and raid when time allows. Much less stressful, and fullfilling (game) experiance. (game) meaning pleasurable pass time.
But this could not come at a better time. Barring it be 2 weeks later so i would have a 3 week break to actually start. Wow will seem to be little more than a disctraction for the first two weeks. maybe ill take it easy til the first weekend then marathon to 85. so finals week i can try and forget all together. who knows.

And this is me putting off my final project in CAD which a few of you im sure have heard me bitch about. Especially when CAD eats my entire bridge and regurgitates it all scrambled. So i litteraly have a 1 mile long by 300 foot tall jigsaw puzzle to try and piece back together. Yes it actually is that large, drew it full scale. All i can say is thank god for unlimited zoom extense in CAD. Anyway. Back to work.

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Post by Kalianna » Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:59 pm

As you all know I'm sure (the ones that still read these forums) I always have leveled at my own speed. If it mixes with other ppl then great, if not, 85 will be there when I get there. I have a bunch of stuff to do on Kali and then on Gearly and I even want to level a Worgan Hunter. So let's have fun and meet up when we can. I love you guys!!!
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Post by Guenever » Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:49 pm

My baby priest is up to lvl 49 cause I don't want to write my leadership paper :-D

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