Tired of reloadui because shit's unclickable or missing?

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Tired of reloadui because shit's unclickable or missing?

Post by Elvenbane » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:39 pm

This addon apparently fixes all that:
Ever encounter a bug where UI buttons are not clickable or elements are mysteriously missing?

This is usually caused by a bug in the Blizzard frame code, whereby child frames can accidentally be assigned a lower level in the frame strata than their parent, leading to buttons that appear "behind" their container, making them either unclickable or completely hidden.

StrataFix provides a simple workaround for this bug, which affects numerous UI elements, notably including:

Encounter Journal
Quest Log
Glyph Pane
AtlasLoot addon
many AceGUI addons
and more!

Just install as usual and it silently does its job, problem forever fixed!
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